Rational Aesthetic….


Beauty of a space comes not just from the form, textures and finishes of materials that we use, but also from the “limitations” of those…
Understanding a materials, embracing it’s vulnerability… It’s weaknesses gives us a better idea of revealing it’s beauty.
Most often we have a certain aesthetic idea on our mind… An idea often planted by the commercial visuals constantly bombarded on us.
And then we seek the materials to realize that idea…. Without thinking about its direct or indirect impacts.

It is time, we learn to reflect on what we find beautiful and why we find it beautiful…. Is it our idea of beauty? Or did someone else train us to think this is beautiful?
Our definition of beauty is being guided by airbrushed images of unrealistic women…. And our definition of a beautiful space, by glossy magazines… Aesthetics is not irrational…. It comes from something deep within us… What is your idea of beautiful?

PIC: Abhijeet Gandhi

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To love, with no reservations….

img_20200306_065457_256Most of us earthen builders have to answer a lot of technical questions about our strange choice of building material…. Yes, at times even at dinner tables! There is always a doubt… no, a mythical belief that mud is simply going to dissolve in the next drizzle.
If you are curious, get to know earth as a building material…. And the only way to do that is to jump right in… Get muddy… ‘touch’ it with no reservations!
Every time my friends get muddy, once again I feel the exhilaration of the first mud war! Bright smiles and laughter!!
The wonder and play of it never dies, no matter how young or old we may be!

Trust me, playing in mud, even as a grown up, restructures our mind in a new way… It teaches us what you and I cannot share verbally. It teaches us to trust… To understand the quirks and embrace them… To turn weakness into an intelligent, resilient design… To not shy away from the natural rawness and beauty….Find harmony and balance… to love, with no reservations….

People in the picture: Team of Gabha architects based in Pune
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Doors And Windows….


Bare naked hollows of doors and windows come to life soon as ‘shutters’ come into the picture….
Designing shutters for this project has been a great delight for me and my team of carpenters….
The geometry of door-window shutters gives building a character. It is a rhythm flowing through all the spaces, binding them together…
They frame the views outside… Lead our vision to see the world outside, as if they are pretty pictures strung together!

It leaves just enough for our imagination…

Just like ‘reading’ a story encourages us to create personalized visuals in our minds, as against ‘watching’ the same story, which leaves nothing to imagine, numbing our minds slowly while we are at it.

Most modern homes, with their ready to install, sleek glass windows and flush doors, are like sensory overload… it has made us forget the joy of handcrafted, personalized openings…

And I’m afraid I cannot give you a monetary valuation for that…


It could be just a transition space, a necessary provision to be crammed in a corner and forgotten about….
Or, a staircase can be the life of a house, looking at everything from its own curious (and literally lofty!) perspective, throwing light and breeze all around…
It could invite us to sit around with our coffee mugs and chat with our loved ones…. It’s a place to find a book, forget where you were headed and get lost in the pages…
A place to step up to something wonderful or fly down restfully if you wish!

Here, old (फडताळ) cabinet door planks are reused as treads, raised very gradually on Adobe walls. These steps, wide and low are truly a child’s play to climb up and down. Throughout the day, there is bright, cheery daylight streaming down from a clear storey in the roof…. Treated bamboo poles are embedded in the Adobe supports, as handrails…
Didn’t take any extraordinary materials or technology to build it… 🙂

PC Abhijit Gandhi