Bits of Thoughts…

sometimes you have to hold back your appreciation…
sometimes you have to hold back your anger….
worse fact is…sometimes you have to evoke anger in order to get things done….

I make a lousy effort to run away….and the ground beneath me shrinks up to bring me back….

If someday my ashes would be scattered on this earth….it better be a pollution-free earth…

For an old….mature soul reality is nothing but a dream out of many other possibilities….

I refuse to look up….not because you look ugly….
But because I may not be able to look away….

and he spilled his golden glow to the same rotting depths….everyday….because he had enough light to streak through the idle darkness of many ignorant….
I was another ignorant wasn’t I?! ….fearing the evil depths could eclipse his glow!

We should marvel about death once in a while…. it can change the way we lead the intermediate time we call LIFE…



then comes the old wise one…. to wake me from my secure holiday….
breaking down my established walls of dreamy assumptions…
the world becomes insecure challenge again and I gear up for another adventure…
There the old wise one stands smirk on his face and pride about me tucked away somewhere…

Being sensitive towards nature’s lightest breeze through us reveals God’s poetically subtle justice,
love and divine wit….. Everywhere our eye falls we can find the divine logic…..

A heart that has loved God’s one creation cannot disregard any form of divinity….

A soul that has attuned itself with God can weave lifetimes like
arranging notes into a melodious song….there is no past to dump….no
future to predict… all is known…loved and accepted.

How little we know about the people we think we know?!

I do not judge a man by what he does to prove himself…judge him by what he does of his leisure time…

true love does change person to the deepest core…. being scared of change is epitome of foolishness! and quite useless….

Unsaid things don’t vanish. They stay in your throat and choke you…..argghh
say it out on your first chance….

then I thought I could hold on to the thunder in my fingers… though it never noticed I exist….
And when it whooshed away to another land, I and my fat ego sat here….shaking my bruised fingers! wiping stupidly innocent tears…..

I thought I could walk away after I close the ends…
but ends never come to end, they haunt me, chase me till the end…

these days…. unusual is the new normal…. yet I cannot kill a good surprise!

Gist of all communities, organizations, groups, societies, congresses and all such things…
परस्परं प्रशंसन्ति, अहो रूपम्‌ अहो ध्वनि….

There are some nice people you cannot be friends with… and there are some (VAIRY VAIRY)difficult people you cannot NOT be friends with….And both
feelings are absolutely mutual….its just best to accept it…

some people can actually kick themselves……

Not everything we say reaches the other end…. No matter how much we try…

it is difficult to stay on-shore when thunder hits the ocean…..
there could be no other joy than join the tides in aggression…
but frolic can wait….this traveler has got a mission…

DIMWIT flirting is rather annoying not flattering….

the one who is always approachable is most neglected….
the one who is never approachable is most wanted….

There are these fullstops in life. Momentarily, beyond that point nothing exists in our worlds. A point that remains suspended in time, a vacant, anticipating, poised, stressed, eager and yet completely devoid of all thoughts and emotions…

Who let the cats out? 

nobody LETS a cat out…. it WALKS out! 😉


This attitude has cost me my blood and tears…
Don’t advice me to keep it wrapped aside…
It can be very uncomfortable to be in my skin…
But I will not be LIKE anyone else.

If you like someone, talk TO that person. not ABOUT that person….okay?!

Did you ever want to follow someone who won’t walk in front of you?

Do not overlook the ordinary…but look beyond ordinary.

You need someone to get you out of the mess? someone to clear up your room and get you some sunshine? Someone to keep a tidy sheet of notes awaiting on your desk? Someone to clear the skies and undo those tricky knots in your stomach?
You most probably need a friend like me…

I should not care….. but I DO!

My prayers go with you….I don’t want you to pass through hell alone….

It is quite difficult to love someone who does not even acknowledge your presence…
but a friendly presence can be made known only through silent love…and not by shouting…

Time does not heal everything…
Light does not reveal everything…
water does not cleanse everything…
Exceptions exist in almost everything…

Have courage to disagree with an unnecessary imposed law….
But first have self discipline to not need any law…

It is very very difficult to think of others and not think of your own self… but this is only the tip of the iceberg..
Worse part is that most of us assume themselves to be highly selfless!

Elegant words do not make up for bitter words in past….

If you are ashamed to speak in your mother-tongue….
Imagine your mother….Think if you can be ashamed of her?
and it does not mean you should hate rest of the mothers…or tongues…

Truth is short and sweet. but since we love the elaborated illusive lies…. we say, truth is bitter.

Just dare to step ahead…. every other obstacle will start resolving….
Just dare to offer a hand…. every other conflict will melt away….

smart people usually do not need suggestions….. but at times they like to have someone approving of their wisdom….

Oh c’mon tell me what’s on your mind…
I can be slow, but I am not blind…
even if you hide, I will anyways find…
Secretes between us?! Never! Hope you don’t mind!

-saw on a solar car.

I am so glad to grow up… But it just makes me realize how tiny I am…

what is accessible to intellectual logic is fact… what rules beyond that is faith though seems illogical to intellect.

Respect your wealth…and then the wealth will respect you….

Parallel lines meet at eternity…..
But most people do not have patience to wait till eternity….

Simplicity has its own value….. it never goes out of fashion.

Friends enjoy things that are nothing to them, only because they matter to you….

Spend hours on a strange bus stand awaiting your bus….and it will teach you how exactly to design a transport hub….experience is better teacher than theory.

Sometimes it is important to go away completely, to know the pleasure of returning….

through the wavering patterns of situations and people….we have to steadily step ahead….because we know where we must reach. Others know not.

when they step back I step ahead….

there is no friend like solitude….it does not leave me scarily alone when I am surrounded with fools!

True teacher is a wonderful maze that has a fresh lesson on every turn of life….no matter how deep you delve…

Even a dictionary has more words than your memory…..
But it is THOUGHT that gives gravity to your words…

Tell me once, would you be happy, if you won the world….. that had no me in it to watch you with praise-filled eyes?

First you have to feel good about yourself to make others feel good around you….

There is only one way of living in a beautiful world… To create a beautiful world…

Knowledge is everywhere…. and wisdom is within.
Guru is only a mirror that shows us best of ourselves…We are dragged to him as beauty is dragged to mirror!
The one who “insists” is a bully…not even a teacher….

If I must wait, it only means the best…
So I work and invest my spirit into the cause only he knows….
I believe good things take time for fruition…..
I believe in luck, because I earn it myself…

I break the rafts of their bundles of logical make-belief…
Its fine if i drown…I know the depths they fear of…
You think nothing is worse than loss of life?!
But watch yourself, you’re dead in the moment of fright!

the first step to help others is to stop being “ABOVE” them….
NOT watching with stupid-pitiful eyes is big help already….

If you want to go, just walk out… don’t linger at my door…..nor at my mind…

affection is eternal, we just do not find it as flashy as sentiment….
you can forget affection in surge of sentiments…..
But it never left your heart…..ever…

IT: its supposed to help… not overwhelm….

there is nothing like good fact or bad fact….
fact is fact… its consequences in various perspectives are good or bad….

True definition of hospital staff:
Patient on one side… and the “IMPATIENT” on other side….

We quickly criticize but rarely appreciate…don’t we?!

is it a choice to exist or not?! then how can it be a choice to love or not?!

Fine! lets part, said the river in the end…
Give me back my water, every drop that I lent…
With a smirk and smile ocean rose in tides…
One is all the water…flowing we pretend…

He said airily….hah! I am just fine!
Though his eyes looked far past mine..
Nothing that big! Its just a game…
each day of life is a satirical line…

Don’t forget to read the lines in your quest to read between the lines…
-from some fan-page.

We often underestimate the power of love….that vibrates and shakes a lot more than just a heart….
Its pulse can be felt reverberating in the air…crashing down like a thunder…
It jumps down from the cliff of sanity into endless sea of peace…
It almost takes cost of life….to reach the bottom of peace….
And peace…is priceless….

you wish it was about doves and roses?!
but actually its about destruction….
of airy self-images and fattened ego….
it is about violent pain of breaking down into nothing….
then finding everything is just another nothing…

what you “LIKE” says so much about you…

watch what you eat….Because what you eat….you become.

I converse with everyone…but not you.
It never matters really….
because my words are addressed only to you…

So many are frustrated… because they have to run all the time….when actually they dream to fly… THEN STOP RUNNING INTO HELL AND HIT THE RUNWAY!

Not that I cannot be brief and curt….But I do not want to miss the expression of willowy imaginations, discomforting frankness and cajoling passion that is already there…..
Can we make some space for all this while writing?!

Journalism is literature in hurry… 

-Ike Graham


It is not necessary that either of us should be wrong or right!
I understand your perspective and also our differences….
I understand that every now and then there would be conflicts….
But I also understand that we still remain friends…. no matter what.

I hate that smirk on your face…
when you know everything yet let me face….

In the riot of colors I remain serene….colorless inside…
In the center of chaos I remain silent…. calmed inside…
I may be everything to everyone around…
But I am nothing but an empty…..void inside….

Those who live the true worth of their life need not fear death…. irrespective of the span of life.
And if the life is being wasted, it is rather better to welcome death….

Having a choice to escape is the best motivation to keep going! 😛

What exactly to do of broken trust?!
Try to mend it or pound it to dust?!

There is no point of safe return after you have dived in….it could be madness, but you must reach the depth of it now….

When people are close by…. I seek you ever more urgently..
When I am alone….I am with you already…
Will it be too insolent to ask where you are?
Will you just smile and suggest to search my heart?!

We hate it when there is somebody nagging behind….
But we miss them when there is nobody nagging behind…

What you give to life….Life gives it back to you..but very sarcastically….

Nothing hurts deeper than words…. nothing heals better than silence…
but we often try use words to console and silence to hurt!

Love is timeless….its our problem if we don’t feel it all the time!

Faith does not solve problems….
It gives you patience to stay calm till the problems get tired of you and take leave! 😛

We are stupid because we forget him. And we forget him because we are stupid. its a self triggered cycle of stupidity…. God only gives us chance to remember him and get rid of that painful cycle.

Think before you blame God for your flaws….
And also before you claim credit for your flawlessness…
think once again…. are you apart from God to blame him?!

if you do not know what you really really need…you will end up running after everything that everyone else needs…

Don’t create tonnes of shallow ideas that will be washed out with time…
it is okay if you create little that will remain forever…

Someone else cannot have the key for your happiness
a parameter which is not in your equation cannot alter you

Twisted personalities wearing kind smile are like warped log of wood dipped into varnish….
To be good, first we must file away our flaws with the sandpaper of our clear, purposeful willpower. Then we must clad it with varnish of kindness and smile to add durability and luster. Only then our personality will gleam magnificently and stand sturdy like a piece of excellent artwork!

Judging your and my love in the frame of this single lifetime is as foolish as trying to measure the oceans in how-many-number-of-teacups….

Some work, for everyone else does….some work for sustainance…….some people work for status….some work for obsession….

And some more work for fun…But very very few people work for God…when he works all the…time through us all….

Shouting, “YO DUDE! M SO KHOOL” doesn’t make you cool…. it rather makes you fool…

There is no parting……yet I wait in the dark midnight….for thy glowing sunrise…..

You twist my words and throw at me….

You distort my dreams and fling at me….

You put me through hell…..

But make me realize that you exist within me….

Far above the words I said and the dreams I weaved….

Distance becomes immaterial when I follow you even in my silence…

the solid dream of reality becomes a fickle sand-grain,

When I see the changing colours of world kaliedoscope,

through your sunlit eyes…

Your word reverberates through space and times….

With my solitary humming it rhymes….

I saw naught thy face in eaons…yet thy song makes me alive…

I spilled my pearls to thieves and crook…

When thou stood before me, found me broke….

On thy outstretched palm i placed my heart….

That was the end….that was the start….

It is thy lyrical speech that honeyed my ears…

It is thy fragrant wind that flowed over my skin….

It is thy sweet name that lingers on my tongue….

Yet my eyes shed tears awaiting thy sight…..

There is symphony of silence shared and savoured….

If old my words, keep them away,

There would be no need to hide behind words…..or to stay so covered….

I closed my eyes from you….yet I see your light ever anew….

Metaphors are only words to be arranged suitably….the truth lies beyond the words…..not always suitable…but always unchanged….

There are some jobs done merely through stubborn calmness….
No point in brandishing sword for world peace…is there?!

Many people love you silently, even if loving you doesn’t serve any “purpose”…. But know in your heart that it is God’s love flowing to you through so many loving eyes…

Treasure the integrity and purity of spirit above all other possessions….

It is difficult to refuse the calls of thunder…..and the river is flooded….

But my lamp is burning low, fluttering in gale…..

I shut my windows and stay indoor….

Yet I love the thunder rumbling past my closed door….

They pat my shoulder and say there is no God….they are glad I came back to the fold…..
I smile simply….knowing why God spoke through them…..

I wished you’d come in your all glowing mesmerizing grandeur…but you catch my breath by appearing behind an innocent child…laughing its wordless laughter! And I smile at you too!

The one knows power of thought will watch not just his action but also his inspiration….

I thank you for every moment of life….every gesture of love… every revelation of faith…. it is your divine hand that worked behind it…

Ends come to start…starts come to end…. every story that began ends at the end….
I walk on a path encircling a space…circles become spheres….time loses pace…
I had no start…you shall never end…in the game of life, we play and pretend….

Every journey gets over…and here it comes the point of warm and safe return…. to come back home before its too dark…

I speak in silence, you listen in silence….
my prayers trail away, I find you in abundance…

It isn’t just a game when i laugh, choose to be a loser….

I simply play along, while you are the star player…

Actions get reactions…images get reflections….
scrape the layers of ego, you get transparent revelations…

Time is just another dreadful thing you throw at me…. I weaved its moments to make a song, to gift you when I return deathless….

I decided to write a new song, to thank you for the words you gave….

Then i saw the evening sky and changed my mind, I’d thank you for the colors you paint….

Your words, your colors, your songs, your motions, your sunrise, your oceans…..

The list did not end….. I closed my mind…and thanked you for the blissful silence you had left there….

It must be a crime to love…not because you take away my possessions, but because it makes you stay hidden from my waiting eyes….

The plot unfolds….but more than the story, it is the writer that my attention holds….

I cannot be taught….that is why I learn….

One flaw of modern education: you cannot convince others what a waste that is!

If you are often misunderstood…..stop convincing others, start “doing”
Because, every visionary of independent temperament has always been misunderstood in the beginning.

The one who “does” has least to say….but the one who understands has best to say….

The men who understand the world are most misunderstood by the world….

The moment you start convincing, you allow others the undeserved right to disagree….

The one who fears loss will never gain…

The one who fears pain will never love…

The one who fears failure will never grow….

The one who knows life is in conquering the fear, will know the life…

The moments richly aware of life are the moments an inch away from death….

Never fear the pain… only proves you are humane enough to love….. 

Never fear the death… only means freedom…

Never fear the life… it is only a chance to realize beauty of death….

Never fear the unknown…. because there is nothing unknown, you may just have forgotten….


The one who knows there are much worse things in world than death can laugh in the face of death…

And its not as easy as these words…he has conquered death in ultimate sense…

Beauty is in the exalted expression of life…..

It is God’s lovely gesture that spreads out itself in the mere act of being in existence…
There is beauty where there is life, unblocked and undying….ever evolving…ever flowing…

There is intoxicating laughter when a pure, innocent soul laughs in spite of its suffering…..

Cherish that laughter, it shall keep you sane, untouched of the stench of jealousy and hatred……

The soul that has tapped the in-exhaustible creativity gifted by God, shall never be alone….

Millions of minds vibrate with same thought…..though separated by distance and time….

People agree…people disagree… flows of a river parting and reuniting…..

If there is anything unchanged in this vast changing world… i expect it is love….

Because how many hearts may be broken, wars may be fought, no one has really been able to stop loving others…

The man who works above all for god’s love and respect, always feels great elation and satisfaction from his work….it remains no more mundane work, but becomes a soulful prayer…

I dream of royal palaces and thrones of comfort,

Idream of fame and money…..

I dream of laughter and joy…

So that i can collect it all and throw it at your feet….

And look up at you, in complete surrender….in eternal freedom….

I roll in mud, they laugh at me… I feel pleasure, freedom from shame, they are just too old to grow with me!

Earnest thought always reaps reward in some unexpected form…

I may use my gift of words to bring dazzling light of hope to the dark, depressed corners of whole wide world…. but in the sanctuary of my heart, i only leave a humble oil-lamp, just enough to reveal thy most awaited arrival…..

Let us put the games aside….let us not play….
swings of pain and joy no more fancy me…
let us just stay quiet today….

Maybe its a call that i must really go on….but my heart is set on tiny worthless trinkets….
the ground you stepped over, the air you breathed,
Your soft smiles and your blessings hidden beneath accusations…
I possess them all…. the imprints of your earthly splendor….

Real faith only gets polished when faced by obstacles…. what perishes is not faith, but fantasy….

Running the world is his responsibility…. we only obey his whim…
Let there not be pride for things we never did…
the doer,the act and the witness all are in him….

What is truthful and clean of illusive projections always remains beautiful, in thought and in vision alike….

But visual beauty comprising of stealth and fake pretense, reveals its ugly depth every now and then…
This applies to humans, buildings and all other things and thoughts without exceptions!

Something that does not have future may have existed in a very dazzling past…catching every passing eye…..
Something that is eternal, rather remains subtle and simple, unchanged through time….sometimes so hard to grasp!

Old beats again flood my heart…ancient rhythms pulse in my vein….
parted I wasn’t ever…yet I return to home once again…

Old age is no guaranty of maturity, if all those years are spent in “pretending” maturity.

Those who cannot even conquer their primal selfish lusts, should never teach others about the life beyond material….no matter what their “physical” age…..

If one world is destroyed…another is created


Sometimes is it needed to keep away from good and evil both….

Give what you wish to grow…

Through the dense black night, I saw stars falling afar….
instead of fading out, they did light up the dark….

I open at the close….

-Albus dumbledor

They fought, I did not react…
They cheered, I did not react….
They got tired and took up silence……I smiled at them in encouragement!

I did not come with an expiry date printed on my head…..
nor my words have a validity period…
I promised to my life, that I will LIVE till I die…
My promises did not mention any conditions apply…

If silence could speak, it would still just smile at you today…
in acceptance of your big wide dream…
to slumber off into a dream within a dream….

Those few people who really really love you, will see through your fake happy face, your tiniest pains…but will bravely smile back at you, as if your pain has not hurt them….

“नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि, नैनं दहति पावक:”
“weapons cannot cut through it, neither can fire burn…”
Can anyone describe the soul in any better words?!

I wanted to trace back my own footprints…
but the tides had ebbed away…washed away my own signs from the soil…

Hard times together make hard-bound friendships….


Some work, for everyone else does….some work for food…….some people work for status….some work for obsession….And some more work for fun…But very very few people work for God…when he works all the time through us all….


They say that it takes great courage to love….. I say “in love” is the natural state of human heart. It needs no courage… just needs a brain that pays attention to the heart.


I wait because I know you’d come. I wait because it hurts less than “not waiting at all for anyone”


Cool headed people do great things without spending unnecessary energy….unlike zestful show-offs….and then they are automatically cool, no need to show off!


The things i lost found a way back to me…. the people i missed came back to me….. the ones that did not come back, were never mine. and what was mine could never be lost….


There is time and place for everything in life…. and only patience and perseverance take you to right place at right time….


whims come and go… moods change….people change… days pass by…. even the cells in my body are new every other day…. what is me? the me-as-i-was-yesterday, or the me-as-i-am-today? what makes the me-as-i-am-going-to-be exist?


when a man is silent other men understand him. when a man talks woman understands him. when woman is silent, nobody cares… when woman talks nobody understands!!


Even birds and animals build homes for themselves. Why urban humans need these pests called architects?!!


There is nothing more encouraging than people who trust you even when you did not deserve it…. it is their trust and love that changes you….makes you worth it….


there is someone listening to you very intently, aware of your every pain, every laughter. it is you who is not aware of them…


if you are afraid of pain…think again, without pain you will never learn the best things of life….


it is not a choice to love or not….its a choice to speak of it or let it suffocate…


When I spoke rubbish whole world loved me, when I spoke sense, no one looked….yet I loved….myself….

It takes years to rise and a moment to fall… that is the rule of gravity of spirit…


When I tried to bow to thee, my ego-brittle spine hurt me like a thorn….. but when I embraced thee in my deep warm love…..the brittle spine was robbed of ego…..leaving me tender as flower at thy feet….


I do not know the extent of karma….nor have I had the vision through eons….I never knew the veils of maya….because I trusted thy word with simple innocence….yet I robbed thee of the holiest secret…thee cometh when coaxed with love!


I stood proud, aware of my love….it could fetch thee whenever I wished…. slowly when the pride took charge, love was lost and thy smiles went silent….Now here I stand lost of all…. now I have none…no pride nor name….yet I laugh in the greatest joy…..’coz when I lost all…thee owned me by far!


Pain is great source of creativity….only next to divine joy. 


Renunciation is often looked upon as loss of indulgence and freedom, when actually it is the perfected combination of the two….


Most people are like beggars begging at their own door… how could God bestow you with alms when he knows you as his most loved child?!


You cannot quit life just because you are tired of it….but definitely you can grow out of life….by the time death naturally comes to greet…..


Spending life in anticipating a better life is the worst thing to do…. but shamefully that is what most of us are doing…..


Sometimes what we desire is standing in the way of what we deserve….when actually we deserve something so much better…..


killing is a lot easier than giving birth…hatred easier than forgiveness… up easier than fulfillment….death easier than life…. but WTF, we always choose the later of the two…


Distance between possibility and reality is the utmost urge to create…to make it real….

-put together by me

Your fights, love affairs, and your work….everything comes and goes in a moments flick…. What remains forever is true friendship….untarnished by all the chemical lochas that happen in a “happening” chick’s life!


I choose to lose if that wins your heart….


You broke my already broken heart, still it pained as if you broke it for the first time….


I hate it when you pretend to be doing fine without me. because without me, you cant even find where you left your heart !!


The most beautiful moments of your life are as if you pass through them like floating through a frictionless atmosphere…you seem to work on some auto-pilot mode! Don’t you love that feeling?!


Sometimes it does not matter who you are…whether you are good or bad… what matters is that I love you, just as good, bad or ugly you are!


I am just myself… call it stubborn?!


You hurt me because I am the closest one you have….who will still back you up even if you hurt me….


I hauntingly remember the things I wanna forget….and forget the things I desperately wanna remember!!


I want a peaceful life but i end up opting for an impossibly adventurous path….which part of me is true?!


I will shut up, I assure, if you promise to never shut me up!


My life though tiny, is so filled with unrest….

I am compelled by myself, on the quest for the best…


Through my undulating weathers…what is constant, is my soul…my love….lasting even after I die.


A pen is sharper than a sword but a tongue, the most lethal of all…

-Adopted and remixed by me

When there is difference between what you want to feel and what you actually feel…you are headed for the hell….


Empty and elegant words are most vicious germs I know…


There is one good thing about a break up…. you once again get a license to flirt and make him or her fall in love with you!


I seek your footprints even on the lightest breeze of yesterday….. I dont know if you see me, but i see you everyday.


I am hell of a perfection when I stop trying to be perfect and be myself!


It’s okay if you break my heart, I’d still have some more to love you!


When I chose to fight he caught my hands…

when I chose to love, he cut my heart…

when I chose, not to choose anymore…

He smiled and gave me his heart….


It is okay to be sorry…. it is okay to be sad sometime….

It makes you eager when arrives your good time…


Dance of divine is not in steps and numbers….it is a flow that originates from heart and occupies the universe…like a rhythm beyond beats, it reverberates through us…


How curious is the mind that skims through time and space! No effort no limits no boundaries of reality and dreams…. In its freelance I am imprisoned here…. With a blazed look in my eyes, I sit rapt in some trance… While I see its dance…. Strewn across the whole universe….his zero gravity dance floor!


Learning….is a curious thing…you are doing that even when you dont plan to learn! Open your eyes…. and ears….and there it goes! you are already learning!


You go to slap them….and before you do that, they smile innocently saying “i love you too!”


I decided not to fall in love….and at the same moment….love fell in love with me….


Life is not about waiting for the thunders to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain!

-Picked up from somewhere

The one who can inspire himself effectively is the only one who can inspire others effectively.

-Shantanu Joshi

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret!!!!!!

-want to meet the one who said this!

Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up….

-Picked From Bhagyashree Lamkane’s FB Profile

Only two things are infinite.,the universe and human stupidity.and am not sure about the former”

– Albert Einstein

The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.


The profession of book-writing makes horse racing seem like a solid, stable business.

John Steinbeck

To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

There is nothing more encouraging than people who trust you even when you did not deserve it…. it is their trust and love that changes you….makes you worth it….

4 thoughts on “Bits of Thoughts…

    • Thanks Shantanu! no doubt you find my writing closer to you than Einsteins!! it better be that way! he isn’t your best friend after all!
      Arjun, the quote that you are referring to has gone little down on the rank…but you are definitely not the extreme…. that place is reserved for me!
      Danny, at least on my own blog I can be next to Einstein! My perspective!! convenient eh?!
      And, to nobody specifically, all of these are not just flashy lines, some (especially those written by myself) are my structure points of hope and faith…. i read them when i feel low. my words make me strong, give me faith, and clarity. I share it with you, my small wealth of wisdom, hoping it will grow stronger with your love.

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