6 thoughts on “Sketches and Paintings

  1. It feels really nice to see that you have started with painting again…. I still remember your 8th std project… Those paintings stood out in the entire exhibition of prize winning projects…

  2. Thanks, Priyanka! long time!
    Danny, yes, these pages are still under construction. I will upload more, as and when I get time.
    Amruta, you remember that exhibition in bio-lab! but after that almost 4-5 years i had lost my paintbrush mind somewhere… i am happy to find it back! 🙂
    Thanks Sushma…. quick re-visit huh?! next time you comment on other blogs, give your blog link in identification. that will help others to find back your blog easily. (if you want more people to find your blog, that is…)
    Thanks, AS, and no, I am not a trained artist, though i took painting lessons thoroughly in school years. After that it is mostly a personal exploration.

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