Living Being…

Window frames and panels, sanded smooth, have soaked up their share of oil. With glass panes fixed in, they are ready to become the eyes and nose of a living building….

Timber windows, sturdy and carefully proportioned… can withstand extreme weather and continue to look timeless…

Fine joined polygonal stone masonry upto the window sill…Adobe with smooth earthen plaster, on the sides and topped with a lintel band finished in beautifully textured lime plaster….

These windows are encased in all the materials and methods that make sense together.Even a single material or finish replaced, their delicate balance of strength, beauty and economy will collapse.

In the times when urban construction is moving towards putting elements from various brochures together with multiple choices for materials and finishes, this building, coming together as a hand crafted, wholesome, living and strong willed organism seems irrelevant, does it not?!

For some of us…. These buildings are living beings… standing for what they are made of, opinionated and unpretentious!

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