Rational Aesthetic….


Beauty of a space comes not just from the form, textures and finishes of materials that we use, but also from the “limitations” of those…
Understanding a materials, embracing it’s vulnerability… It’s weaknesses gives us a better idea of revealing it’s beauty.
Most often we have a certain aesthetic idea on our mind… An idea often planted by the commercial visuals constantly bombarded on us.
And then we seek the materials to realize that idea…. Without thinking about its direct or indirect impacts.

It is time, we learn to reflect on what we find beautiful and why we find it beautiful…. Is it our idea of beauty? Or did someone else train us to think this is beautiful?
Our definition of beauty is being guided by airbrushed images of unrealistic women…. And our definition of a beautiful space, by glossy magazines… Aesthetics is not irrational…. It comes from something deep within us… What is your idea of beautiful?

PIC: Abhijeet Gandhi

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