Space, The Omnipresence….

Space is just like time…. with no start or end…. freely available for those who wish to make use of it…. but always there, beyond our trivial lives and deaths…. an inert but essentially beautiful background to the drama of life….
What we sell or purchase per square feet, is only a definition of space that humans mutually agree or more often disagree upon! Remember that what you are buying is just a container, an empty shell….. the space was never up for sale!
She is only watching, what life we choose to enact in her containers…..

Homes That Die

A home should be capable of death just like those who live in it…..
Like a faithful pet or rather like a soul brother, the house should die with us, for we do not wish to litter this earth with too many monuments of the dead.
Death is a beautiful companion herself…. I wish I could learn to not fear her…. to befriend her instead….
Then the homes too will become fearless and benign…..