In my school life I always got nine on ten when it came to painting. I always lost one mark for not drawing a border…or a frame around my painting. Thankfully nobody insisted that I should get ten on ten. I thought nine marks were absolutely delightful score and continued drawing without any frame!

In high school I failed the government drawing exam, probably for being disqualified without the frame! That is when I decided to understand the “core” of art. Now of course I know that there is no such “one” core to understand. Silently this mystic world of lines and shades weaved an invisible envelope around me. I watch the world through its highly transparent but highly effective screen! I perceive the world as an object of a painting. And to be able to communicate with you all, I must express through the same invisible screen… this layer, instead of limiting my expression, has only made it beautiful. My painting still has no frame to it…and now after failing in their terms; nobody is going to cut any marks for it! What a delight art can be!


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