A woman should “be” beautiful or “look” beautiful?!
And how to “look” beautiful?! Look slim, fair and delicate!!
She may use her brains but not more than men! Otherwise she may never use’em! That too is fine!
Who created a trimly measured half-naked image of woman’s beauty?! Who invited her natural instinct to be beautiful?!! Who measured her in terms of her physical beauty, refusing to see her beautiful mind and a beautiful heart capable of so much love….

“Aunty” if she wraps a saree and over-smart if roams around wearing shorts!!

A woman can be criticized for the way she dresses…in any way possible! It is her dressing that is responsible for evoking the beast in men!!

“Promise me that a girl dressed in a punjabi suit, covered in scarf sitting squinched in a corner will not be stared at or touched by any man ever! And then I will listen to any sermons you give about the dress code!”
If ever a girl dare rebel like that…

“We only suggest a conservative dress code to ensure your safety. You may dress as you wish… but then you are to be held responsible if anything happens to you.”

So if woman claims freedom, she has to be responsible for her own safety…. It will not be a social concern anymore!

Of course this is a very small part of a very huge suppression. Where a girl is refused the right to be born, refused to lead her own choice of life, how to expect small things such as right to dress?!
Women are often not aware that their life is being controlled, that they could be happier otherwise! They haven’t had an opportunity to think that straight!!

Often women are seen snatching their rights in modern society. “World comes to your feet if you look good” that’s the advertisement they’ve watched through every commercial media. They are adopting modern attire but not modern thinking!

There are exceptions…. Women leading a respectable, socially useful and free, proud life…setting an excellent example of living humane! They spend an unglamorous, anonymous life! Right here around us….those beauty queens are so unappreciated by us!!

But the major part of woman population is racing for a shallow life…carrying bruises of that inhuman contest on their hearts….smiling bravely…..dying every day…
could there be a satire of humanity worse that this?!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful….

  1. In terms of the treatment of women in Indian society – our society touches both ends. On one end, we respect women than probably any other place and yet the atrocities on the women are enormously high as well. The major religion of India – Hinduism has both male and female gods, in contrast to other major religions of the world like Christianity or Islam where God is perceived to be a ‘He’. Still, India is a nation where a bride has to pay dowry in order to get married, a wife suffers domestic violence, etc.

    But ma’am, my only point of divergence with what you expressed is what you said with the dressing of women. Don’t get me wrong – I strongly feel that women should have the right to decide whatever they want to. Its just that there are too many crooks out there that dressing provacatively might make such women a easy target. Its just that as an idealogical or societal level, the freedom to wear any sort of dress might be alright. But, I would always advice/plead the women in my friends/family to avoid dressing so, just to be more safe. Just like asking a soldier to wear a bullet proof before going to a war!

    • I understand your concern.. and in fact it would be suicidal stupidity to dress up inappropriately! That is an immediate protection measure, never to be disregarded. But this post is not about immediate answers. I am assuming that we must must take protection measures without any discussion!
      This is about the “reason. WHY we must wear a bulletproof! About why we have come to the point where you “have to” advice the women around you to dress for protection…
      where it all starts? It starts in the social image of “beauty”.
      The specific idea of woman’s beauty that is being carried in social media has been the wrong initiation piont. It is not just about dressing! its also about complexion! and about how fat or lean a womans body is!!

      Is my point clear?!

      • I got your point the first time itself! I did not mean to irritate you. I totally agree that things were certainly not right the way they are right now. And the concept of beauty and attire is wrong with almost all the whole world – not just India and my comment was totally specific about Indian society.

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