Life of that unruly, slow learner, selfish budgie was actually a small part of one big sophisticated pet shop. Fighting with his even more unruly cage-mates he also found time to nibble few grains and wink at fluffy little females.

Being sold implied nothing more to him than a frightening paper-bag journey. It opened out finally to another cage, more spacious…with few haughty older birds. The food was luscious, not shared with many…. And unlike the bustling street side pet shop, this cage was hung in a serene garden, leafy branches swinging along the cage….

It was mortal heaven for the budgie! He ate; he fought, flirted with females….. what else do you do with a life in heaven?! Once in a while those monstrous human creatures came along, peeking into the cage world, smiling and baby talking! They used to shove fresh coriander through the bars…sometimes tasty rice grains or fruit pieces used to arrive too!

So to begin with, his life was as sophisticated, pampered as the fatso cat in the house. So fed was the cat that he never tried take a scarily closer look at the budgie. So the budgie flared his shiny feather coat…. Threw his fat little chest out and tweeted naughtily at the cat! “You can’t touch me, you ball of fur!! I am caged!”

The cat just looked up from its rug…..and went back to sleep…….. Vague smile tucked into its whiskered double chin…

Budgie sang even louder! The song of his well-fed tummy…and song of his many girlfriends…song of the rosy pink “love” that he was named “Lovebird” after…..

The monstrous faces smiled at his song….. And he sang louder with their chatters and laughter…. what a show bird he was!

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