Mad Rush…

We all are in search of something… Mostly it is  a blind search… some delicate subtle undercurrent that remains unnoticed in the rush of crowded urbanized life. The more we run away from that search, more restless, and more muddled we become…. Not knowing what we want, and that is what drives us so crazy. We blame it on traffic, we blame it on stressful lifestyle… we blame it on our family our colleagues, police, government, society….all the faceless entities!

What an endless run! What a waste of precious human life! What are we achieving? What are we creating here?! do we ever ask ourselves a simple question,

What do I really do every day?

“I go to work”

What work?

“Work that I am paid for”

What are you being paid for?

Say for instance, “Making software”  (Put in any other profession, all are equally pointless)

What does the software do?

It runs facebook application on cell phones.

Would the world survive without it?

“It would. There are millions of people who do not use the application I make, another million who do not use facebook. And about half of the world population does not own cell phones.”

Then what are you being paid for?

Got any answer for my question?

Don’t worry, even I don’t have the answer…. When I ask myself, whether the world would survive without the work I am being paid for…. I am scared in way that I cannot admit, just as you are….because I am not sure if I am of any use to the world…. Because it makes me realize, that the money I get paid… there is something seriously wrong with it….what is wrong… I don’t know…

Now that we have earned it, for whatever we do as “work”, what do we do of that money? That is my next question.

We buy food, basic necessities, communication, transport… we invest money for our future needs, and then we buy ourselves a few luxuries….

Out of all that I spend, how much do I really “enjoy the benefits of”?

Out of all that I spend, how much did I really “need”?

If you think you are happy with the way you live, try finding answers to these….  You will know the exact “cost” of what you call “happiness”

Now that we have arrived at the entity called happiness, tell me please, what is happiness?

Graduating with distinction?

Getting a highly paid job?

Earning money?

Being called “successful” by others?

Being able to influence others lives in good or bad way?

Being married to a handsome/beautiful aaand successful spouse in a good social connection?

Having equally beautiful and successful children?

Is all or any of that happiness for you….

I know you would say, “Yes… all of that is happiness to me! why should I deny?!”

But even in your defensive stance, you know secretly that if you got all of this, you would be stressed with the responsibility of “keeping” it. You would also have other things to pine for! You would aspire for something a few steps ahead of all this…. You will NOT be happy….

There is something seriously wrong with the world… we are measuring life in wrong units, I suppose! Like trying to buy one meter milk or one gram cloth! Everyone wants money, but does not want to work for it… everyone wants comforts and luxuries but is deprived of basic peace of mind! They say technology is going to make human life comfortable…. Have we really reduced or increased our stress levels in last few decades?! Has the technology helped us to relax and live a laid back life or made us run faster and wilder?! This is a mad rush and we need to stop and think…. What do we really want to do?

PS: I do not really have any answers…neither does Google. But there are people who have…lets say….reached closer to the answers… There are great many paths and methods of this search. As a crude categorization, people have explored this via science and/ or via philosophy…. Both ways you reach the same destination, only that it looks different to every eye! Have a happy search…

One thought on “Mad Rush…

  1. this one of best post .
    infact , every one feels same .and in diiferent way we are trying to find out peace in Race .
    in todays market there are me too products as like me too persons in community .i want this as others are like this !.
    if i stop , others will go ahead is the fear .as parents too , we teach same to kids .run for number game
    with crazy rhymeing songs and with essential shopping (?) we try , to forget our soul .we avoid , such soul searching questions and actions too .

    first of all its good to feel to know ,who am i .concern is ,less people feels the questions who am i ? we assume our images of perceived personality are true .
    answer is within our heart .and actions starts from same .!
    more can be writen and impemnted from all of us on this topic
    Thanks again for this thought for food
    and keeping onus on every one for thinking and working on answer !

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