Posted by: Anu | August 18, 2011

A simple act of coming home on time….

Sometimes I just come home on time for a change… and not change… not open the windows…. Not do anything…. The house is silent around… like still relishing its late afternoon nap….

Grey squares of my windows turn black as it gets dark outside… and I don’t switch the lights on…. Silence seeps even deeper with darkness. Or I imagine so?! I do not talk… or think… else the thoughts might stir my precious silence… I only sit n stare at the darkness…. In its depths is peace, painless, numb, cold peace… ruthless and speechless peace…

Enwrapped in thick, intoxicating, heavy silence I fall to sleep….

Then my dreams get more real than the reality itself… colors come to life…. Voids become complete… wrinkles smoothen out… tangles resolve themselves…. All the knots undone…. Sleep is that easy flowing kingdom that halts on the way to another fresh new day….

Then there is real light… real colors… real smells and sounds…. just as real and as dreamlike as I want!


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