Final Destination….

A relation is not a single thread connection between two people.

It is a combined connection of their bodies, minds, hearts and spirit. But only one aspect out of these turns out to be the dominant feature of their relationship.

There could be people that you connect with for primal physical needs. Such connections, basically tactile in expression, last as long as the need lasts, in other words, for a very short while. A wise civilized human being usually cannot be satisfied with it.

The next relation is the one that is ruled by mind, where exchange of thoughts is primary sharing. Such relations tend to be more vocal, and last longer, only to part when the minds part their ways of thought. There is immense learning involved in these relationships, but the bond remains weak, mutually breakable. A wise human can be satisfied with it. Most often wise people keep to this rung of relationships. Being too much guided by intellect, they do not know how to go deeper. Going deeper does not come with a manual, and intellect understands facts and clear instructions, not the world beyond.

When one realises that intellectual satisfaction alone is not enough anymore that is when they listen to what the heart says…. people “think” they listen to their hearts, but mostly it is their mind ruling everything else. It takes time or a shock of realisation to acquire those extra hearing aids to listen to the heart. That is when the revolution starts within a man. Heart is the closest link between his physical world and beyond…. the moment one touches that, all priorities shake, world turns upside down….believes shatter and vision clears…

When heart claims a relation, it holds a chance to last…at least for a lifetime.  Relation between hearts though very subtle in expression still needs a physical aid, usually of eyes…  Here visual expression is more dominant than words or touches. Very intimate exchange can happen through eyes as they are said to be the widows of your heart. Relations of heart are satisfying to the mankind as long as physical world is concerned. But these relations awaken you to the senses beyond physical. It is after awakening of heart, that a man starts to believe in the existence of spirit….

Once aware, it is impossible to not be aware! Once the vision is cleared, it is impossible to feign slumber. How could you sleep with your eyes wide open?! It starts off a different journey altogether. It invokes a great craving that refuses to be satiated by any physical pleasure. It burns your insides even if you are surrounded with world’s greatest physical pleasures….no wine, no woman…no amount of gold will kill the constant burning, painful waiting that is ignited now…

This relation, of spirit with spirit….of spirit with god, is too subtle, too otherworldly to be described. It needs no physical aid, no frame of space and time…. This timeless connection exists forever, and grows richer with passage of each lifetime. You can try to escape it and appear to succeed, but it does not cease to exist just because we close our eyes to it. It lasts beyond you and me….only to be sense and acknowledged by us at some point of time. Once known it only grows and glows within…. pushing aside all other hungers, it drags you to light and freedom…. where every physical relation is a binding of some kind, the relation of spirit is ultimate antithesis of it. Such relation not only frees us from limiting physical relations but also limiting mind-blocks we hold…  This is freedom in its most accurate form, and man’s ultimate reason to exist. No man will ever be able to run away from this. Today or years later, everyone is going to come here…this is home…this is heaven….this is the final destination…