Would it be too much to ask if I asked you to claim my life…my entire existence?

I want you to own me…. Every moment of my life, I want to spend in your toil, in your thought, in your command… You may not want to rule, but I wish to serve you…. so please, for my satisfaction, conquer me completely…..let me surrender myself to you.

You promised the mankind, that you shall appear as the devotee wants you to. Then I want you to come to me, as my lord, my king…. My only reason to exist is to seek you out and serve you, please you anyhow….

It is my only desire to think of you so much that I should forget my existence…. Allow me to merge my ego into yours…. Allow me to melt into your joyful presence…. I no more wish to fight for my life….I no more wish to run after mirage of safety…. I no more wish to take decisions that are not even mine to take…. This life, my every breath is yours…. How do I guard such great treasure you have left unprotected within me….? I find my arms too weak to protect your riches….. Please come and claim me before I flow out in vain… before the delicate deer of my heart is hunted down by dogs, come o divine tiger, feast on my tender doe….

My every cell is on fire, awaiting you…. no more make me anticipate our divine union, my great hunter….. let my blood merge into yours… let my spirit swirl with yours….

Yes, maybe I ask too much…. I give you no pleasure of chasing me down…. While everyone runs to save their life, I am running into my death, too eager to meet you….. But you are just as eager, are you not? Then why you saunter around, watching me, plead you like this? My pride is broken already…..as I stand here, a fearless prey for my lovely predator….

Monochrome poster color, year 1998



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