…and they say miracles do not happen?!

How blind!

See the colors of daybreak and noon and dusk turn into inky nights? Not miracle?!

Hear the breath flowing through your lungs… giving you a LIFE?! Not miracle?!

Feel the pulse beating consistently, without your command?! Not a miracle?!

Fresh light green leaves springing out from dead hard bark of a tree?! Not a miracle?!

Wails of a newborn child?! Not a miracle?!

First flight of a baby bird…. first step of your toddler?! Not miracles?!

Ripples on river, shining in moonlight …. Not miracle?!

Tides raising on sea….engulfing your tiny self…. Making you feel as vast as the ocean itself…. Not a miracle?!

Clear cloudless sky…studded with stars… and quiet forest nights….not a miracle?!


Miracles are not about getting what you want…. Or defying the laws of physics!

Miracle is already there, for you to sense its subtle hint….

But you fail to sense it because you are a miracle yourself…and gotten used to it…

You have lost the novelty of existence…you want more!

Miracle is all about not wanting and yet getting…

So are you ready for another miracle… of eternity?!

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