Posted by: Anu | January 21, 2011

Living A Legend….

You say love is a legendary tale…
But your urge for love is the love itself….
It is here…now….vibrating and overflowing from your own heart…
Why do you beg others to lend you some..
When you have in abundance…the legend beyond times….the miracle from out of space….Love itself…

Vine that blossoms around a tree makes the tree look blossomed…. so is love within you making you blossom…
Just look in…and see! You are the love…. Love is you…..
You cannot see it unless you look in….deep in…



And now tell me, is it a tale? Or is it a dream? You will say it is both and still so real!

Heaven is not a place to reach after death…. Heaven is state of being…a consciousness to be lived and believed…. It is a dream to be watched with open eyes. Once you jump into the ocean of your heart, rising in tides of some unknown intangible thing they call love, you will know….this is its complete existence….

if it needs death, you have already died….your ego…your pains and pangs and fears have died… You are a legendary tale now….you are Love…




  1. Life and Death complement each other .. so does Love and Loneliness!

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