A River When Floods…

Never underestimate her meek flow under your mighty bridge…It gives you life. Food and water to sustain that life….. It rinses your sins…and your poop. Her meek flow forgives and assimilates all alike…
She creates and sustains all forms of lives….But only man is worthless enough to rape her sweet loving motherly basin….
She forgives but it is not her weakness…..
When the river floods…she takes back all her gifts…It is her crude revenge just as violent as her love…
As she cradles them to rise, She can gulp civilizations down, mind you. The waters will cross your  tin-made bridges and engulf your false safety lines….
Every wound that you left on her sandy shores will be healed by her own power….but she will bury your egotist name deep under her current…. Can you heal your non- existence then?!
River is that woman in your life… think a hundred times before you rudely walk over her tender offerings…. she is your doting mother… your chirping sister….your sweet friend….your caring wife…your glowing daughter…. she is flowing around you, so that your life will never be deserted….
But let that not be forgotten… that a river when floods, takes back all her gifts….

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