Posted by: Anu | August 18, 2010

Ragged Old Roof….

Through a tiny hole in my ragged old roof, your dazzling light falls over me….

Grateful for that ray of hope, I embrace a roomful of darkness ever so happily!

It may rain sometimes through the ragged old roof…

But I finally have decided, to never mend it…

Never will I block the rays of hope…

Never will I ban the tears of your divine love….

Falling from all over the sky….reaching me through the same….

Ragged old roof….

I know you loved me more than kings and earls….

You gave me this leaky roof, no grand palaces…not gold, not pearls….



  1. Wow.. I am so out of words right now.. and u knw wat.. anoo.. u are just reading my mind out right now.. i am speechless..
    love u always..

  2. its so fresh, free, chill and beautiful… loving this…

  3. Thanks Riya, glad to know you correlate too!
    Thanks Danny, I guess it helps to take long chilled breaks to come back to writing freshly! 🙂

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