Divine Promise….

In the summer night, when the breeze was cool and scented with spring blossoms….I sat alone at the small parlor of my little house. My mind though filled with anger…calmed a bit with the scented breeze singing a lullaby….

In soft surrender to the desperate pain of parting I called thee, with the deepest plight…. “Why thee left me in the bustle of this world? Why thee left me alone here? Why now thee refuses to come… to share my solitude and add thy love? Why now thee won’t see my face…. I have done my part with the perfections, thy gift and imperfections, my deeds…. I loved thee even in thy absence, yet now I am deprived of thy sight?!”

With a sultry sigh of wind, thee came to my small parlor….. thy grand golden light….too lustrous for my dusty abode….yet thee stepped in and sat next to me….with a simplicity of child.

I felt shame, the owner of the worlds sitting on my dusty step….yet there was serene smile on thy lips… oh that smile that makes me lose the consciousness of this world! Yet I was determined tonight, not to lose myself in the moment of pleasures of thy company and then lament the next day for the pain of separation….

Thee knew my plight even in the silence, and with the same smile and glow thee touched my face…. “o my little lover, you are loved. Why do you lament when you have nothing to fear? I come to you when you pray with your heart…. Then why think of pain and all the sad part? You have come here with a reason yet unknown….”

But my anger was genuine, my heart, determined, I asked thee to take me along…. I refused to stay without thy sight every single moment….. yes I was greedy and greedy for thee…. I cared not for the reasons and logics, I cared not for the responsibilities to the world…. I wished only thy presence evermore in my heart….

Again thy soft smile glowed like moonlight in that late summer night…. “I know you wait only for me… and I love you the same… but you cannot come to me, since it is not the end yet… the great play of life is yet going on….  You must wait till the end….fight till the end….so that the union is sweeter than ever… you are mine….win or lose….then why lament, my love?”

Thy words cannot be refused…thy love cannot be overpowered…. So covetous is my heart, yet it cannot break thy charm! I smile and lower my glazing stare… my eyes unknowingly rest on thy feet…. How much I revere those lotus feet of thee! I could shatter to fragments and fall like flower garland at those…. I only shed my silent tears at thy feet and in my silence thee knew that I accept each parting…each blow of pain…only if thee promise me to come in the end….

With a swift touch and a soulful glance thee swept away with another summer breeze…. Again I was sitting alone at the little parlor….on dusty step….my head tilted in stupor… with a jerk I woke and thought that it was dream…. Slight wave of pain went through my body and I thought it was time to get up…. But then I felt a warm soft touch…. I opened my palms and found two golden drops….shining like thy smile, in the exact shape of my tears that I had laid at thy feet….

Suddenly the pain had become pleasure….sorrow had become joy…. It wasn’t a dream after all! Thee had come…thee dost love me! I danced into the night…singing thy name…. and next day my neighbors laughed behind their hands….thinking I was a jerk….laughing last night….


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