Revolution of Spirit….

It is very easy to start social work….or that is what everyone seems to think. Middle-aged housewives, senior citizens, even teenager kids think that it is their great responsibility to save the society from something bad….and bad is always outside their house…in someone else’s life!

No matter how much their own lives be messed up…they like to go out and help the so-called needy! Anyone gets up and starts a counseling center when they have no clue how to deal with their own family members. But giving advices to others…oh! They are good at it!

It is not wrong to help others…it is definitely not wrong to be considerate to those who are less privileged than us….but any such act of benevolence if is generating ego satisfaction is no more benevolent. No matter how many people you may have helped…you have damaged your own self…your own soul in the process. There are very few examples of real social revolutionaries, who have managed to resurrect their own selves and taken many others along to a greater plane of living. But often such people are only clad in ornate frames and hung on the wall of plush social Organization offices. Nobody bothers to look at them closely and take real inspiration….

You cannot do any good to others if you cannot do good to your own self! Hence it is first and foremost requirement to have clear idea about our own life before we start interfering with others lives. You are nobody to teach good values to others….never be in any such misunderstanding. If any good happens to others through you…always remember that you are only a mediator through whom god’s benevolence has reached the needy. Without the divine will, you are nothing but a ragdoll, because you cannot even guaranty your next breath….how can you guaranty a good life to someone else?!

I am not proposing fatalism….on the other hand I am only trying to emphasis on a greater responsibility of our lives….and the greater responsibility is to know our own selves first….which unfortunately goes down the list of priority in most of our cases. We are too busy correcting others to look down at ourselves and see the mess we have created within us…..Social work starts from your own self first. If you can clean your heart….raise your family in the right way….only then you can do any good to a larger family…that is the society in which you live.

It is good that more and more people are awakened, and sensitive towards the less privileged part of the world…. It is indeed a great step towards living in a world that is global village, where everyone is bonded with love and concern for each other. But we must make sure that we do not ride on the tides of fashion trends…. Social work is no fashion trend….it is not about attending social clubs, arranging cultural camps for kids, providing free and immature counseling to the women in familial problem… and then writing a book or paid interview in the local daily about “my experiences in social work”!

Most of the social programs revolve around betterment of material side of life, donating cloths and food and money etc. A better category of programs involve making people economically independent…like women self-help groups. But there are very few social agencies that manage to touch the core of social deceases, who strive for betterment of soul…

There is indeed a hope…a dream of utopia…. And the tiny invisible steps of good times are always seen through the haze of corruption….. There are many spiritual organizations…and saints who are actively working to trigger the forces of reform….there are people who may not belong to any spiritual or religious sect but are no less awakened souls than any saint, who are serving the needy with a humble and loving heart, without a trace of self-pride…. Nothing done by anti-social forces and media-hunters causes hindrance to their purity and love for all…..

There have been so many revolutions in the history of world…. Each revolution adding to mankind’s progress….accelerating the speed of time…. each revolution is deeper, more subtle and more effective than the previous. Now we are standing at the threshold of another revolution…which is most subtle yet most effective than industrial, political, technological revolutions that have brought us so far in time…. It is a revolution of the spirit of not just limited mankind but the spirit of this world. It is time to weed out the bad…to remove the dirt….first from our own heart…and then from the entire world…. It is time for another revolution that can start only from within our hearts….the revolution of spirit.

Divine Promise….

In the summer night, when the breeze was cool and scented with spring blossoms….I sat alone at the small parlor of my little house. My mind though filled with anger…calmed a bit with the scented breeze singing a lullaby….

In soft surrender to the desperate pain of parting I called thee, with the deepest plight…. “Why thee left me in the bustle of this world? Why thee left me alone here? Why now thee refuses to come… to share my solitude and add thy love? Why now thee won’t see my face…. I have done my part with the perfections, thy gift and imperfections, my deeds…. I loved thee even in thy absence, yet now I am deprived of thy sight?!”

With a sultry sigh of wind, thee came to my small parlor….. thy grand golden light….too lustrous for my dusty abode….yet thee stepped in and sat next to me….with a simplicity of child.

I felt shame, the owner of the worlds sitting on my dusty step….yet there was serene smile on thy lips… oh that smile that makes me lose the consciousness of this world! Yet I was determined tonight, not to lose myself in the moment of pleasures of thy company and then lament the next day for the pain of separation….

Thee knew my plight even in the silence, and with the same smile and glow thee touched my face…. “o my little lover, you are loved. Why do you lament when you have nothing to fear? I come to you when you pray with your heart…. Then why think of pain and all the sad part? You have come here with a reason yet unknown….”

But my anger was genuine, my heart, determined, I asked thee to take me along…. I refused to stay without thy sight every single moment….. yes I was greedy and greedy for thee…. I cared not for the reasons and logics, I cared not for the responsibilities to the world…. I wished only thy presence evermore in my heart….

Again thy soft smile glowed like moonlight in that late summer night…. “I know you wait only for me… and I love you the same… but you cannot come to me, since it is not the end yet… the great play of life is yet going on….  You must wait till the end….fight till the end….so that the union is sweeter than ever… you are mine….win or lose….then why lament, my love?”

Thy words cannot be refused…thy love cannot be overpowered…. So covetous is my heart, yet it cannot break thy charm! I smile and lower my glazing stare… my eyes unknowingly rest on thy feet…. How much I revere those lotus feet of thee! I could shatter to fragments and fall like flower garland at those…. I only shed my silent tears at thy feet and in my silence thee knew that I accept each parting…each blow of pain…only if thee promise me to come in the end….

With a swift touch and a soulful glance thee swept away with another summer breeze…. Again I was sitting alone at the little parlor….on dusty step….my head tilted in stupor… with a jerk I woke and thought that it was dream…. Slight wave of pain went through my body and I thought it was time to get up…. But then I felt a warm soft touch…. I opened my palms and found two golden drops….shining like thy smile, in the exact shape of my tears that I had laid at thy feet….

Suddenly the pain had become pleasure….sorrow had become joy…. It wasn’t a dream after all! Thee had come…thee dost love me! I danced into the night…singing thy name…. and next day my neighbors laughed behind their hands….thinking I was a jerk….laughing last night….


I wish to be a singer so that I can sing thy name in every passing moment….

I wish to be a dancer so that I can shape my own body into a garland at thy feet….

I wish to be a painter so that I can mark the imprints of thy love….in every color and form….

I wish to be a poet so that each word I say will naturally become a prayer….

I wish to be a farmer so that I can reap thy boundless joy in the fields of my heart….

I wish to be a traveler so that I can seek thee on every stretch of land….

I wish to be a builder so that I can make every brick raised into a temple for thee…

I wish to be a sculptor and carve out your divine dream from the boulders of my habits….

I wish to be a slave and wash thy feet every single day…

I wish to be a maid and tend thee in any meager way…

I wish to be a friend for thee to share a secret…

Above all I wish to be a lover so that I can love thee in every way…..