Summer Rain: 3 logues…

These are some small posts from old blogs…some were published some were waiting, dumped in drafts folder…. today it is time to give them another chance to come out and talk to you…because today, it rained here…

Summer afternoons always look different. Today the afternoon is battle between the cloud cover and the harsh burning sun.

In fraction of a second, the clouds envelop the face of the sun…shadows diffusing into one solid mass. And in another second the sun comes back burning the earth, carving sharp shadows under every leaf of every tree.

There is this dance of shadows growing and shrinking under my feet. And the hot winds blowing, dragged hopelessly by the heat of one place to another.

The moments under dark clouded sky soothe the earth.  Violence of sun pouring on her poor mass, burning her, twisting the life out of planters….And the clouds come for the rescue…fighting his violence, they cover, they shield her from his anger. You can feel her stifled exhales, when the darkness gives silent interlude between the angered slashes of heat.

There is immense clash…..huge friction between every fundamental element of nature. the harsh blazing quality of Sun, stable, motherly tenderness of mother earth, soothing playfulness of the wind….. and finally it is followed by calming pacifying drops of rain…. quenching all the thirst…all the pain.

all these when clash….there is life….there is rebirth of each green cell, each baby leaf…..


It is so windy today. It must be raining somewhere. Cool showers splashing the all-day heated earth. It smells toxic! And the wind carries moisture of rains from distance. From the fragrant air anyone can feel the rain even on dry evening!
I love to watch the wind play with my planters. He brings so much joy and fun in their stationary life. He brings them news from the other corner of the world. He brings them the romance of the entire universe. They look happy when the wind blows through their willowy green spread arms. They dance and laugh with their leaves. The branches rise with the wind, tension in their thin green xylems. And as the wind goes away for second approach, they fall down, low and light. Then again the wind runs in making them dance with his rhythm.
You must watch their slow lazy fall after the breeze. It speaks of pleasure and pain, motion and stillness at once. There is lack of voluntary motion and there is request to the wind, to pour the motion in. The leaves talk to him, tell him to reveal his violence, to move the soft greenness, to dance with me.


The evening suddenly turned dark, and the wind behaved supercilious. It seemed he would rip away the life….But he brought life with him. He brought the rain.
The clouds careened in the sky, pushing into each other, to take their place on the grand stage.
I was looking up to the drama… waiting for the master to come on the stage…with his lightening leash, slashing across horizons…. Seems he did come..But…remained behind the veil of clouds…not ready to reveal his glowing face. He is refusing to see me….
It rained lightly throughout that evening. And then the night slept cool, tired breeze flowing into it, taking the exhaustion away…. Till the day brought scorching heat and dry, hot blows of wind. Back into the summer mood it plunged. Busy day started…no time to think about the rain, about the moisture…..Waiting for the evening once again I gazed into the glaring sky.


9 thoughts on “Summer Rain: 3 logues…

  1. Thanks Aativas, can you smell kandabhaji along with rain?! i can!
    Riya, thanks, and send the pics over…. i will post them in this very same blog… this blog is a dialogue of words and visuals…. share your part freely!

  2. Life is beautiful like every rain drops that roll down from the every green leaves on wet earth… don’t miss the joy before it reach the ground…
    coool post like u say, “smell of the rain in sun burnt earth”(correct me if am wrong) …

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