Gunda Girls….

I always had this fantasy of having big, hunky gunda type brothers!! I know weird! But I wanted to have brothers who would be possessive and protective about me, the kind of brothers that other guys are scared of!!! My cousins and distantly related brothers or even guy friends are one, either little nerdy type, or two, far away (yea, these days half the number of cousins in everyone’s extended family are turning NRIs) to be around me doing gunda work! So my wishes were always so incomplete!

All the guys anyways are hardly up to any gunda work! They are all so sajjan type (I know they just pretend so!!)! I am a lot more gunda than all of them put together!! The modern world men are so metro sexual types that they must be thinking gunda work is so below their status quo!

On the other hand, being grown up in extra bold women’s world throughout the school and college life, makes a girl much of a head on type. Yea. Mind you, if you think a girl who grows up in all girl’s school and college is supposed to be shy and unfamiliar with worldly ways. You are in for a big shock! These girls are hip, bold and care not a shit for a girly image others may be expecting!

A girl’s world chick is accessorized with all the essential information of men’s world( ya, they have stripped your secrets down ages back! Grow up guys!). What else are gossip-breaks for?! This woman knows how to be a girlishly traditional girl and a bold revolutionary warrior princess at the same moment.

She is not basically a bad lady but she can put all the norms of ethics into her junk trunk if you are in for a dirty fight. She can handle abusive lingo…rather she can invent some effing words herself! She can also be the most tender and vulnerable creature at times and eye you with her soft tantalizing charm! She is friend of friends and foe of foes…. So emotional and brimming with love for her loved ones, she is one sharp whip if you are a bad guy in her list!

She is on war front almost all her life…handling work, love, family friends all in her two tiny soft tender hands…. But she still has life long bonds with her girl friends. She will be there by your side in times of celebration and mourning, even if she thinks your birthday party is too passé to attend! She might turn up after months and months but you will never feel disconnected from her!

I found my gunda type brothers in my girlfriends. I am a gunda brother as well when they needed me! I found my best buddies over time….and they have remained by my side through the ups and downs of my life. I remember a term coined in my girls world which surpasses “chuddy buddies” by little more than boldness! But if I think of it the other way, only a girl can have her bra buddies to share the best and worst of her life over a midnight call!

Your fights, love affairs, and your work….everything comes and goes in a moments flick…. What remains forever is true friendship….untarnished by all the chemical lochas that happen in a “happening” chick’s life!

After every war, I am sitting around the table with my gunda girls….laughing and cheering for the great life gifted to us by God…. Cheers to you my gunda girls, for making me see the brighter side of life even in the darkest

days! Cheers God, for giving me the best buddies for life!!

Dont go for that decent look, they are gunda girls in disguise!

The Sweet Golden Gift

(This post is from my former blogs at and But now with summer coming up I thought it only makes sense to evoke a long lost post. Hope you enjoy it all over again!)

This is one of the best seasons in Indian costal region with mangoes ripe and filling the air with their toxic scent. The Deccan ghats are home of the best alphansos in the world. My father and uncles have kept some sweet gifts alive for the coming generations! Our ancestral farmland holds about hundred and fifty mango trees planted neatly on a stretch of few acres.

The mango tree is not just for pleasure of taste buds but their lush greenness gives visual serenity when the whole of the subcontinent is burning under heavy heat waves of summer.

Nothing can touch the green of a mango tree except yellow dots of ripe fruit!

The whole mango thing is a big celebration that starts in late winter when mango trees flaunt blossom of amazing scent and flocks of bees bustle around them. The scent is so characteristically enticing that it has given birth to a good amount of local literature!!

Later as the crisp winters start getting warmer, blossoms are replaced by little fruits green and easily hidden behind green foliage. Its sticky sap is a treacherous weapon! It burns and rashes skin for a good amount of time that you will hardly forget in a lifetime!!

As the fruits grow the real mango smell starts sending note with the wind… is the mango celebration at its height!

We all cousins and uncles take the cars out and from city people we become farmer kids! We climb the trees, and neatly take the fruit down….each fruit heavy with its juice and flesh!

The fruits loaded on cars and our cloths worst smeared with sap we come home with broad toothy smiles! The fruit is yet to be cuddled and loved before it is ready for slurping! Each fruit is safely covered in rice bran for few more days. It is a kind of incubator for the mangoes to finish its process of ripening. You just have to sniff the huge mass of dry grass that smells of mangoes inside…

Then the experienced mango people can prod the incubator mass and declare if the mangoes are ready….Then is another surge of celebration! We cut mangoes; eat mangoes, drink mangoes, talk mangoes and dream mangoes!

Mangoes are sent to relatives, friends and neighbours. Mangoes are preserved into jams; mangoes are served to every guest that comes to our house! Every meal has mangoes cut or juiced.

We live the summers dipped in mangoes….their soft yellow orange beauty is inviting! And the sugary taste that makes you break every diet regime! For this one season my diabetic father too gives up his sugar free life!

But the old people say that the mango is reducing. The old trees have been cut to great extent. There was a time when these beauties were naturally growing along the dusty village roads. But these days you can see good mango only in farms if the owner has love for the fruit and will to tend to the trees.

A mango tree requires attention when it is young. I have seen my uncle water these plants in scathing hot afternoons, just like tending to own kids… It is their hard work that yields this sweet fruit today.

These days nobody has time to smear their hands in soil. Everybody wants to run to the mall and buy mangoes in discount rates….why plant a tree!

But many mango farmers also make great money by selling the fruit to the malls and exporting abroad. There is hard work involved no doubt. The fruit is like a god who grants every wish if you worship him the right way!

My grand parents don’t support selling the fruit. It is for their children! Old people are crazy but there is love and great experience…that has made them believe that it is only love that can yield a sweet fruit.

Summer Rain: 3 logues…

These are some small posts from old blogs…some were published some were waiting, dumped in drafts folder…. today it is time to give them another chance to come out and talk to you…because today, it rained here…

Summer afternoons always look different. Today the afternoon is battle between the cloud cover and the harsh burning sun.

In fraction of a second, the clouds envelop the face of the sun…shadows diffusing into one solid mass. And in another second the sun comes back burning the earth, carving sharp shadows under every leaf of every tree.

There is this dance of shadows growing and shrinking under my feet. And the hot winds blowing, dragged hopelessly by the heat of one place to another.

The moments under dark clouded sky soothe the earth.  Violence of sun pouring on her poor mass, burning her, twisting the life out of planters….And the clouds come for the rescue…fighting his violence, they cover, they shield her from his anger. You can feel her stifled exhales, when the darkness gives silent interlude between the angered slashes of heat.

There is immense clash…..huge friction between every fundamental element of nature. the harsh blazing quality of Sun, stable, motherly tenderness of mother earth, soothing playfulness of the wind….. and finally it is followed by calming pacifying drops of rain…. quenching all the thirst…all the pain.

all these when clash….there is life….there is rebirth of each green cell, each baby leaf…..


It is so windy today. It must be raining somewhere. Cool showers splashing the all-day heated earth. It smells toxic! And the wind carries moisture of rains from distance. From the fragrant air anyone can feel the rain even on dry evening!
I love to watch the wind play with my planters. He brings so much joy and fun in their stationary life. He brings them news from the other corner of the world. He brings them the romance of the entire universe. They look happy when the wind blows through their willowy green spread arms. They dance and laugh with their leaves. The branches rise with the wind, tension in their thin green xylems. And as the wind goes away for second approach, they fall down, low and light. Then again the wind runs in making them dance with his rhythm.
You must watch their slow lazy fall after the breeze. It speaks of pleasure and pain, motion and stillness at once. There is lack of voluntary motion and there is request to the wind, to pour the motion in. The leaves talk to him, tell him to reveal his violence, to move the soft greenness, to dance with me.


The evening suddenly turned dark, and the wind behaved supercilious. It seemed he would rip away the life….But he brought life with him. He brought the rain.
The clouds careened in the sky, pushing into each other, to take their place on the grand stage.
I was looking up to the drama… waiting for the master to come on the stage…with his lightening leash, slashing across horizons…. Seems he did come..But…remained behind the veil of clouds…not ready to reveal his glowing face. He is refusing to see me….
It rained lightly throughout that evening. And then the night slept cool, tired breeze flowing into it, taking the exhaustion away…. Till the day brought scorching heat and dry, hot blows of wind. Back into the summer mood it plunged. Busy day started…no time to think about the rain, about the moisture…..Waiting for the evening once again I gazed into the glaring sky.