The Lake House…

The movie obviously revolves around a house built on stilts in a lake, the architect who designed it….his son…and a tenant who lived in that house.

The tenant, Sandra Bullock-as Kate forester-leaves a letter addresses to the future tenant. She leaves it in the mailbox of the lake house as she moves to Chicago city for her pre-med internship. The coming tenant, Keanu Reevs-Alex Wyler the architect-is son of Simon Wyler, the architect who built the lake house. He comes there to stay and finds the letter… But then the most curious thing is revealed. The mailbox becomes a gateway between Alex Wyler in past and the future Kate Forester.

They keep passing notes written to each other through the mailbox. But her notes are dated 2006, while his notes are from 2004!

….True what you are thinking! It becomes complicated for even them to handle.

Then on the background of this mailbox conversation, is weird relationship of the father and son architects. There is love…but for some reason the father never shows it. It is just that, he is that “way”. The kind of “way” that involves doing sketches on deathbed!

The last words that he speaks to his son…are about the relationship of a structure with the light quality it is built in….

A truly great structure, the one that is meant to stand the tests of time, never disregards its environment. A serious architect takes that into account. He knows that if he wants presence, he must consult with nature….he must be captivated by the light…All was the light….

They now wish to meet…in full understanding of the fact that they like each other. So he books a table in a restaurant for Valentine’s Day date two years in advance. And she goes to the date on the next day in her time. She waits…but he does not turn up.

Frustrated with the mystery of right place and wrong time, she tells him to “Let her let go of him”

For a long time… there is no reply from her….though he keeps writing to her for a while. Finally he packs up from the lake house and leaves its keys to Kate’s boyfriend, telling him that this is the house she would want.

She is looking for a new house with her boyfriend. In their architect’s office she finds a sketch of The Lake House. From further inquiry she gathers that it was made by their architect’s brother, Alex Wyler, who died two years back, in a road accident…. this completes the unfinished link in her mind. She knows why he could not meet her at the restaurant, because he had died on the same day, two years back in time. She also recollects that she had witnessed the same accident, and had not recognized Alex, who died in front of her, while coming to meet her.

She runs to the lake house of course, and leaves a note to him…That he must wait for two years and meet her at the Lake house, and in any case, avoid coming to meet her.

Because of her letter, he does not run to meet her, he does not cross the road, and he does not die. He meets her at the Lake house two years later…..

Now forget the entire complicated story!

Watch the Lake house, because it is a beautiful place, with its glass walls showing ever changing lake-side landscape.

Watch Keanu Reeves! He is one eye-candy!

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8 thoughts on “The Lake House…

  1. good to know the story.. thought i guess because it is so complicated: i have hardly grasped anything except for confusion and complications.. but may be, then i will just be able to concentrate on that lake house when (and if at all) i watch this movie..:)

  2. sexy post.i have never seen any other post written by you so detailed well tailored and without letting the complex mysterious part of it GO…. yet putting it across as perfect clear and simple movie review……nice discriptive narration of events……

  3. Its one of my favourite movie….u have really done justice to the movie….i agree that keanu reeves (& Sandra bullock) are eye candy….i love the place where he takes sandra for a walk nd shows the place around, and the place where she gives him his fathere’s book,…its a gr8 movie…

  4. Aativas, Actually, the story unfolds better with the movie that what i have written! It is not made for reading but viewing only. That is the beauty of it. Though I tried, I know its waste to explain it in words….
    (Writing movie reviews is tricky, I assume.)
    Shantanu, thank you for that descriptive praise! Hope you find it readable!
    Subhashini, it is good to know someone who liked what I liked too! thank you for the comment, and you have encouraged me to write further….
    Thanks zarema and gualetar. content is clear yet the text lacks clarity…in what sense? I am sorry but i did not get what that means.

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