Answered Prayer….

Numbness of my heart, felt so heavy…

Thorny words of past just evoke envy…

I can see the clouds gather, but how to clear the skies?

Wish I could sweep them aside, and get some sunshine…

In my deepest slumber, I asked God’s verdict for me.

He smiled as usual, and whispered lovingly,

“O my blessed child, you belong to me…

Sleep in peace now, that’s all you need…

Tomorrow is the day, with a new sunrise,

Smile in dreams now, tomorrow’s a surprise!

Forget the thorny words; let the pain wane off…

My divine kid, you’re made of greater stuff!

Not made for you, are those envy and slavery,

You’re born to stand proud, with charm and bravery.

Looters may rob, Cowards will flee

But my daughter, do you trust me?

Wealth I give is beyond the robbery,

A true God’s son is forever free…

I will hold your hand, you won’t be scared,

Just take a step into inferno that flared…”

His hand felt warm and loving…

His magic fingers, clasped on mine….

I smiled in peace, my prayer was answered!

I had so much love that now nothing mattered….


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