Keys of success…

The world is full of schools that teach us how to succeed. But yet why are there so many failures?! After the surge of so many management schools and finishing programs, everyone should be superfine business tycoon!

But it does not happen that way, and there is simple single reason to it. Very few of the strugglers really manage to unite the magic of three keys, ability, effort and luck.

Ability is always in born. It is gifted to us by the creator of this universe. Our only part in it is to pin point the greatest gift within us. With sharp introspection, all the debris of praise and self love can be removed and real gold of ability can be mined out. Superficial training or effort can only polish what is already within you. There is nothing in any school of the world that you can learn up if you are a vase with a hole. Most of the times people have unreasonable assumptions about their abilities, often derived from their parents aspirations, peer pressure, blindly chosen role models, celebrities, fashionable trends etc. their true abilities remain unexplored while they keep banging their heads on something they are simply not born to do! With time real ability if not paid attention to, can perish a horrible death. And it can leave the person devoid of everything…. He lives a soul-less life, much worse than death. If you look around with open eyes, you will see half the population suffering the miseries of such soul-less life. Fear them, because you don’t want to be one of them…. And avoid that in time, by hunting down the secret of your true divine ability.

Effort is often viewed as a dumb thing! That if one shovels efforts in bushels; he can achieve anything he wants. This is total illusion. True efforts are not just mechanical act that is overdone. Efforts come only from a heart that is set with conviction and a body that reverberates with divine energy and will. Lack of efforts or laziness is never the obvious state of any human being. Laziness is only a symptom of some deep and hidden decease. Laziness can be outcome of immense stress, pressure of performance, fear of failure or simply lack of firm, convincing goal. Never treat laziness by over-work. If you do not feel like making effort, try to see why your mind is announcing such a strike against yourself! There is something it wants to say and you may have not heard it! When you do the effort, do it with whole heart poured into it. Otherwise it will never work for you.

Luck is not mere game of chances, for those who are dream-hunters, true winners.Luck is earned, just like ability has to be earned. People, who fail, often blame it on their poor luck. But I believe that is nothing like poor luck. But there is a decease called poor faith. A faithless person is everywhere followed by bad luck. If he continues to destroy his faith, he will not be able to walk a single step without tripping over! Everything we can do is because we know we can do it! You can walk because you fully know you can walk! Same way you can succeed if you fully know you can! Do not think that you can, know that you can. Faith is most ignored of all the gifts man has received from god. World of modernism so advanced and comfortable to live in, has robbed people of simple faith… We believe so much in reasoning and logical tussles that innocent faith is killed in the war of reasoning. There was a time when religion was entwined artfully in daily life. It provided great tonic to faith. But now that people have awakened so much, they do not need any god to help them. At least they seem to think so. But slowly they lose not just faith in god, but also faith in themselves! A life that is empty of faith is ever unsatisfied, ever restless, even if surrounded by most luxurious comforts. But on the other hand a person filled with faith and joy of God’s presence is dancing in happiness, without care for food or shelter! For such faithful person, God cares for everything. His wishes and desires are taken care of by the almighty himself! Luck is mere a toy in God’s hand! If so be his wish, he can pour you with all the luck in the world. It is very simple to be lucky… but yet very difficult!

Easy or difficult, it is worth it for sure. The taste of success is tastiest of all! And the one who collects these three magic keys of ability, effort and luck will always know the right thing to do….he will find success running behind him.

The Lake House…

The movie obviously revolves around a house built on stilts in a lake, the architect who designed it….his son…and a tenant who lived in that house.

The tenant, Sandra Bullock-as Kate forester-leaves a letter addresses to the future tenant. She leaves it in the mailbox of the lake house as she moves to Chicago city for her pre-med internship. The coming tenant, Keanu Reevs-Alex Wyler the architect-is son of Simon Wyler, the architect who built the lake house. He comes there to stay and finds the letter… But then the most curious thing is revealed. The mailbox becomes a gateway between Alex Wyler in past and the future Kate Forester.

They keep passing notes written to each other through the mailbox. But her notes are dated 2006, while his notes are from 2004!

….True what you are thinking! It becomes complicated for even them to handle.

Then on the background of this mailbox conversation, is weird relationship of the father and son architects. There is love…but for some reason the father never shows it. It is just that, he is that “way”. The kind of “way” that involves doing sketches on deathbed!

The last words that he speaks to his son…are about the relationship of a structure with the light quality it is built in….

A truly great structure, the one that is meant to stand the tests of time, never disregards its environment. A serious architect takes that into account. He knows that if he wants presence, he must consult with nature….he must be captivated by the light…All was the light….

They now wish to meet…in full understanding of the fact that they like each other. So he books a table in a restaurant for Valentine’s Day date two years in advance. And she goes to the date on the next day in her time. She waits…but he does not turn up.

Frustrated with the mystery of right place and wrong time, she tells him to “Let her let go of him”

For a long time… there is no reply from her….though he keeps writing to her for a while. Finally he packs up from the lake house and leaves its keys to Kate’s boyfriend, telling him that this is the house she would want.

She is looking for a new house with her boyfriend. In their architect’s office she finds a sketch of The Lake House. From further inquiry she gathers that it was made by their architect’s brother, Alex Wyler, who died two years back, in a road accident…. this completes the unfinished link in her mind. She knows why he could not meet her at the restaurant, because he had died on the same day, two years back in time. She also recollects that she had witnessed the same accident, and had not recognized Alex, who died in front of her, while coming to meet her.

She runs to the lake house of course, and leaves a note to him…That he must wait for two years and meet her at the Lake house, and in any case, avoid coming to meet her.

Because of her letter, he does not run to meet her, he does not cross the road, and he does not die. He meets her at the Lake house two years later…..

Now forget the entire complicated story!

Watch the Lake house, because it is a beautiful place, with its glass walls showing ever changing lake-side landscape.

Watch Keanu Reeves! He is one eye-candy!

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Answered Prayer….

Numbness of my heart, felt so heavy…

Thorny words of past just evoke envy…

I can see the clouds gather, but how to clear the skies?

Wish I could sweep them aside, and get some sunshine…

In my deepest slumber, I asked God’s verdict for me.

He smiled as usual, and whispered lovingly,

“O my blessed child, you belong to me…

Sleep in peace now, that’s all you need…

Tomorrow is the day, with a new sunrise,

Smile in dreams now, tomorrow’s a surprise!

Forget the thorny words; let the pain wane off…

My divine kid, you’re made of greater stuff!

Not made for you, are those envy and slavery,

You’re born to stand proud, with charm and bravery.

Looters may rob, Cowards will flee

But my daughter, do you trust me?

Wealth I give is beyond the robbery,

A true God’s son is forever free…

I will hold your hand, you won’t be scared,

Just take a step into inferno that flared…”

His hand felt warm and loving…

His magic fingers, clasped on mine….

I smiled in peace, my prayer was answered!

I had so much love that now nothing mattered….

Innocent Monsters….

It is matter of curiosity, the way my mind works. It thinks with some weird logic that does not go with others. I often feel if I see world like a mirror replica of reality. What I see is exactly the opposite of most others.

Though a gift at times….at times this strangeness is also a burden. I get irritated with people, noise and chaos of world. When I am expressive, central in conversations I am happy with others. But when I am in pensive mood my outer behavior is snappish and over-critical. Many faults of others that I usually put up with very patiently become unbearable in that state of mind. How I deal with grown-ups is one thing. But in that state of mind, I feel acute anger for kids playing noisily near my window.

Actually I do not like most of the kids, strange it may sound! Most of them are noisy, arrogant, highly selfish and over-pampered. Very seldom I come across quiet, peaceful and truly innocent kids that I can feel love for. The usual notion for the rest of the world around me is far different from me. Almost every kid is supposed to be “Choooo chweeeeet”! And being a girl brings an obvious assumption that she would have natural tendency to love every kid that comes her way. Mostly girls are like that I agree! But I do not feel like running to every cute baby out on the road!

For long time I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. How can I dislike kids?! They do not even know they cause so much of disturbance in my system!

Some day in future I may become a mother! What if my kid is raucous in behavior?! I cannot possibly hate my own kid, but will I be able to fold my strict likes and dislikes and put them aside?! Am I not a pampered kid myself, not ready to adjust?! I do not want to be a brash, unloving mother…..

I tried to recollect my childhood…. It was very much quiet and peaceful. I was never the one causing mayhem in the house or neighborhood. Some lonely corner was the best place to find me lost in musing over something unthinkable! I preferred gentle silent company if any. And I hated it when I had to deal with noisy, over-exuberant playmates at school or crèche. Being a single daughter of my parents only grooved my habit of stillness even deeper. I was still carrying the same hatred for noisy kids, who used to break into my silent privacy. These kids in present times are image of those intruders in my past in my mind… Now that I am very much grown up girl, it seems incoherent to hate those kids! Only I know secretly, the reason of my anger. I feel little ashamed, for they are utterly unaware of the fault I am blaming on them…. They only are innocent monsters running wild, shouting at the top of their lungs, in some juvenile happiness that I have no taste of!

I think, now that I know this…I do not hate them anymore! I only laugh….as I try to see, try to imagine what happiness it could be to run screeching like that! Should I try doing that sometimes?!

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