The other day I encountered a group of small kids not older than 7 or 8…. Though they were small by physical age, their tender child-ness was killed somehow….

They watched me with mad eyes and commented like roadside eve teasers…..Obscene words that they spoke… I felt a jerk of pain because; they well understood the meaning of it…. Yes, more than feeling humiliation or anger….I felt pain….

Watching grown ups with zero sensitivity does not hurt me as much hurts watching small kids become roughened in their tender ages….

When their minds should be sensitive, mouldable and ready to gather imprints of God’s lovely world, they were inert to the calls of nature…. They were blind to the autumn beauty of trees…. They were deaf to the chirrup of birds….. Their reaction to a stray animal was only to kick or hit with a stone….. And their reaction to a fellow human being was nothing different! I wonder often, who taught them to react in such way? Who brought them to rip and crush the gentle baby-leaves of plants while passing by?

There is something wrong with the way kids are being educated….. Isn’t there? Something massive destructive monster is let lose amongst them…..

We must find and hunt it down….

We must save kids from becoming pray of insensitivity, inhumanity and imprudence too…

The way they are crushing plants and butterflies in their young fists….tomorrow they will hold a gun to our temples with no remorse…..

We are nourishing terrorists in disguise….yes! Sounds very extreme doesn’t it? But think of the cases of molestation, domestic violence and juvenile crime filling out our news papers…. Is there much difference between terrorists and these people who live just around the corner of out houses??

Not that they are all uneducated, not that they come only from so called uncultured families….. But nobody has ever bothered to watch into their minds while they are young, to remove the dirt and passivity, to plant goodness and human-ness…..

It makes me so restless….to think of those kids and so many many like them……That I sometimes fear if my sensitivity itself is my crime!

Do you ever feel the same?

5 thoughts on “Sensitivity….

  1. It happened a week back… in the orphanage that i used to visit with my friends to teach the kids. He is just 8 years old, but the words he spoke!!! Christ, i was shocked like u, i felt like slapping him. But its not his mistake. Its mine…its our’s… He don’t know the good and bad, but i know… I should mold him. Unlike me he don’t have good parent, teacher, elder, friend… I felt bad for not being a good human/teacher/friend to that kid.
    The world is walking towards the end… not only because v cut the trees, not only because v fight and kill between borders… it is also because we forget to care for our future,.. v forgetting the kids…

  2. an unlucky kid indeed..but what if they were adults will they be getting so much sympathy from us????? NO absolutely no…..why???? even they did not have enough love and tenderness in there childhood…….so are they not to be spared??? well may be because they cannot be remoulded….but then who decides that?? us why cant they be??? a person lands in a particular situaltion because of himself…….or herself .is that not true many very well financed loved cared and cultivated peoloe become the deadliest people on this world??? it is there very own tendency which they formulated sometime back….

    i may sound stupid to some if i connect this to reincarnation but that is what i feel so no matter what others do……..

    it is there own tendency they produced with there own free will in some past life which has carry forwarded itself into this life……a man can always be INFORMED but not REFORM until he\she wishes to……

    and many a times the problem is there unsatiable desires that make them beasts…..maximum so called good and sweet pppl have that beast in us…….

    our todays great indian stupidity that has been producing donkeys in millions since many years the indian education or so called modern education teaches us how to coneal……..every single thing is kept concealed.. so we so called priveleged people know how to conceal the beasts in us and wait and get it out with right opportunity…they dont know how to conceal……..thats the only difference………..we all are in the same mental state with different but equal agonies and different but equal pleasure……..

    therefore no need to be sympathetic about such people they shall get what they deserve…what we shall do will be only to inform them of good things and to culture them in a well informed individual but rest still remains in there hands……….

    no one can do anything for them othr than themselves……….

    because to convert some one you need the power convert yourself first…… should the real goods and bads in you and how to correct it then and only then shalkl you be able to make any difference otherwise you will endup spoiling both you and them and your super pyari life……

    know your self well first and then jump out of your closet to reform others…….

    : this comment is not intended to any particular person or the auotheress but to all who think they can be great reformers or can become social reformers by joining some equally stupid organisation……

    it is not like that if we cannot reform ourselves we can never change anything in this world……..not even a single thing…….god bless aum amen

    • A long comment that will require a long answer…..
      We seem to agree that the kid is unlucky….good for a start!
      What if they were adults…. Honestly, first reaction would have been of humiliation…then anger….then may be little pity and then I would have ceased to feel it after some time…..
      But eventually even a grown up man behaving wrongly would be forgiven or else ignored at least. Because I know I cannot run around the world correcting or killing people for the crime they do….whatever may be their age!
      (That is simply my reaction. Everyone will have different! Some might want to punch the hell out of that person!)
      I have also mentioned in the post that so called wrong behaviour is never fault of any social class. Even kids from good and cultured families show criminal streak unexpectedly.
      Connections of this to their past lives and whatever other influences that are carried are considered even by me…. Hence I end up feeling it would be unjust to make them stand in front of a jury of my own mind!
      I do not get into judging them! I know I am not ruler of the world!
      What the crux of this post is that whatever may be the situation with its roots in pasts and consequences in future… needs correction.
      And how the correction happens is not the point of this post hence not discussed here. Thank you for adding that too…
      I am not flying out to reform the world, neither do I believe the job to be as easy as that!
      But being aware of it is my concern right now. There would be time when I will be reformed enough to reform others, all these thoughts will not be a waste then!
      I believe that if my attention was dragged to this issue so strikingly…..It will have some significance to my past and future too, that I may not understand right now!

      And I also believe that reform never starts with a single day, (though sometimes it may appear so) Exposures to small good things increase chances of reforms in others.
      Those who strive to be good need not shut themselves away!
      Small things that make difference can be done even when we are ourselves in the process of reform. If we offer others to take part in the reform, if we just “inform”…and if that be god’s wish, it can become a huge tide of reform that can take you and your fellows to unexpected heights of realisation…. And if they do not accept, be their wish! Still we are walking on our own path!

      The point of this post was anyways not the discussion of all this…… It was about simple childhood and that it should be simple…no matter what! It was a reaction in my own mind that made me seek some way to save that innocence of childhood….and the goodness of it….

      • One more addition,
        “No social reform is possible without spiritual reform” as said by Swami Vivekananda holds true in every aspect of reform… And every time i write restlessly about a change i wish to bring upon in the world, I have taken this sentence as the basic assumption foundation of it.

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