You’ve Got A Mail…

There was a movie I saw long long time back…about a small kids bookstore in Manhattan that went to closure because of a big book superstore that opened on the next corner. The name of the movie was… “You’ve got a mail”

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan leading the little love story that is built on the back drop of business tug between their bookstores.

One is “The shop around the corner” and the other is big “Fox Book Superstore”. One is small, congested with books and warm smell of books. And the other is big, spacious, bright, interior designed, discount giver, designer coffee smelling mass of glass walls….

One is run by Kathleen who loves books, kids and….New York and the other one is owned by the “Fox” business family…

With the Book superstore coming up now, the shop around the corner….is closing. The shop around the corner is not just business for Kathleen; it is her string of memory to her expired mother who used to run the shop before.

Everyone knows that with their discounts and designer coffee bar and everything, Foxes are going to rule book-business now. And in spite of all the efforts Kathleen does, she will have to close her bookstore for good.

No wonder she hates Foxes to death….and Joe fox (Tom Hanks) happens to come to her shop with his little brother and “little” aunt! ….For there is no place for kids to “enjoy” books as in the shop around the corner.

During their every meet that follows they fight and bicker with each other. But online they are friends under nicknames. They hate the sight of each other in reality, but on internet they are close friends under nicknames, and wait for mails eagerly.

They share many common interests, like love for New York, coffee flavour, books, daisies, kids and many things. She reads godfather for he likes it. And he reads Bride and prejudice for she loves it. They share business advice and how to deal with people……

Eventually Joe fox finds out that his online friend and his arch enemy are the same woman. He tries to run away but of course he does not. He befriends lost, depressed Kathleen as Joe himself instead of being the unknown New Yorker online. She learns to hate him less. And she also learns that the fox books superstore has a corner for kid’s books…and that is no less pleasure-place than her own lost shop around the corner. Kids enjoy books here just as much they did with her! Her dislike for the superstore wanes off as she watches kids having fun around there.

Slowly her ties with past and lost mother ease away…she can no more hold on to the old rigid pain. Eventually the mystery of secrete online friend is revealed…Her enemy is her friend and her bookstore is not exactly lost!

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