Religion is often misinterpreted as the book of laws set by some old, lost in time men, to be followed blindly or to be thrown out under the name of social revolution and human freedom.

But in reality it is neither. If a person looks upon it as a simple guide to life, to be referred time to time to overcome obstacles of material life hampering his true progress, the religion will seem like a faithful kin like no other, who will be by your side in sickness and health, poverty and wealth…all alike.

Every time there is rise of fear, confusion and all paths seem to be locked, we often tend to take help of a friend, a parent, partner or kin…. But they all are as imperfect as you are. Not everybody is blessed with a true Guru who can lead us out of illusive fishnets of life. In such times of darkness and chaos, our faith and strength is truly tested. Religion is a simple scientific method to pass that test.

But we have grown up to be too intellectual to have faith in anything, let alone the religion. We have so much faith in intellect that we even lose faith in our own selves! And a man without faith is vulnerable to every meagre obstacle in life. Smallest of life’s trials can collapse mighty men just because of their lack of faith.

Religion can work well for you only if you have true faith in it. Passing through rituals like a dry inert stone is no sign of a religious man. So many so called “religious” men are born and die like that every day! If the each act of a ritual is born and carried out with all your heart and mind even a dullest of all can develop contact with god, the immense source of all happiness…. It does not need that “intellectual” level, you know! It does not ask for a graduation certificate!

Religion is a beautiful system that allows you to choose a life path that suits your temperament and then lead you slowly, from where you are to your true, righteous place….into god’s heart.

You can thwart the religion and be stuck in the same muck for lifetimes. It will make no harm to anyone else…. But some day after wasting precious youth and major chunk of active life you realise that everything that you had faith in, has fled away with time…. And now in the dusk of life you are alone… and still so faithless!

If life was about being successful professional and earning money and respect and fame, all celebrities would have been happiest people in the world. All of us, all of us know it very well inside our hearts. But when it is time to act, we sneak looks at our neighbours, take opinions of lots of unimportant, brainless people and exactly act like a jackass!

I am not saying we must renounce the pleasures of life, drop the jobs and give away all the money and sit cross-eyed in a room all the time. But that exactly is the point of any religion! It teaches you not to run after things that do not deserve your precious time and attention. If you stop running after these things they will meekly follow you….

A man greedy of money will never be happy with even a daily shower of money on his head. But the moment he stops caring about money and pay attention to his own true self, money enough to satisfy his true and righteous need, will naturally come to him by the basic principles of the universe.

All pains will be eased….all worries will be wiped off…..all sufferings will end, if only we stop pretending like “know-all” intellectuals. Honestly most of us do not have any clue about why we are born, what we are doing and for what reason we are taking each breath….in spite of all that gifted intelligence! We all sleepwalk through our lives, and fearing in case, our sleep might get disturbed and we might awaken, we take sedatives of philosophy and virtues and social responsibilities and what not!

When there is reliable life giving elixir at our hand we choose a sedative instead?! If followed with “faith” and “clarity” a religion can be an elixir of life. It can resolve all your doubts…. It can awaken you in true sense…. It can make your evolution quick as a supersonic!

These days it is a fashion to say that I am an atheist! I have faith in god but I don’t trust religion. May be there is some superpower….I don’t know!

Even people with peanut size scope of intelligence throw out quotes like that! Who gave them any right to criticize God nobody knows! And simple innocent faithful people are laughed at for their beliefs… One religious community “Faithfully” exploits the other. How to call them religious?! They are the culprits who ensure people run away from religion….

Thanks to my brothers, that at the utterance of Hinduism many others see a flash of violent orange with memories of loss….

Thanks to my other brothers that at the sound of namaz many others wake up with jolt from their sleep and cannot wipe the nightmares of past….

Religion was never made to fight over…..

It is an act of crime to use religion itself as a sedative to mass-mesmerise the people. Those of us, who take pride at their intelligence and dance for social causes, so easily wear thick skin in front of such criminals! We do not want to see them… they make us aware of our weakness!

I am no expert about religion neither about politics……and forget about social responsibilities. But I do not consider myself privileged to correct others and for the welfare of the poor and the deprived or anything of such sort.

Doing such acts without having a clue of our own life is treason against the society!

Religion is one simple way to balance all of these without losing the sight of your true goal. It can give you enough “earthing” and wide vision to evolve yourself along with the welfare of others around you….

There are so many beautiful avenues of life open in front of us….only if we chose to walk on them…

…this is a confession of a dull, thoughtless “sleepwalker” who is no more so….. It is no preaching, no criticism….just a confession. I have no intelligence…I am rather a dull person in terms of all criteria of successful people! And I would rather be myself than being a celebrity and write a book about how to be successful in six months!!

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