Once Upon A Time, There Was A River…..

Once upon a time there was a river….beautiful and playful she flowed….giving exalt of life unreservedly to her banks….twisting and turning through fields heavy with crops…she sang the divine music of ripples.

There were forests and villages reflecting in her deep peaceful waters….there were temples and crematories….

People bathed and worshipped gods on her banks….bridges throwing a friendly arm around her and fishermen nicking fish out of her waters….She loved them all.

They crawled in her waters when kids. And in youth they secretly met their lovers under the old tree by her bank….The rituals and celebrations sent reflecting little lamps in her night dark waters….And when old men died…they were cremated in her witness….their wives cried on her banks….where they had shared the prides of their womanhood with the Goddess River…..

Entire civilization of man so delicately woven around the River she yet remained untouched by all…..she flowed ceaselessly through civilizations and forests equally…..

But the times changed and so did the man…..Her forgiving nature was not weakness….but he won’t understand the language of her silence….

He wanted his skyscrapers and his mighty cities….he would take her soft delicate sand for building his dreams….If anyone stopped him, he would wrench it out of her….

One assault after the other…he kept seizing everything he could from mother river…..and his truck-fuls of sand went without a single note of thanks to the one who gave it all….

Slowly her warmth started to wane off…her soft waters vanished away…..bare craters of mining left behind like bruises on her dried lean basin hurt the old villagers eyes….

When it rained she too burst out in pain….flowing and flooding everything that came in her way….she romped through villages and meadows…..her path forgotten in furry she took her love back…..replaced by her anger…..

You can hear her sobs seeping in villages silenced by flood.

And see her pain in cracked farmlands stifled by draught.

Sand worth INR.10 crore has been illegally excavated from single Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state, India. The local River Ghod has died except for the unrestrained floods in monsoon.

Same is the case with Rivers mithi and panvel in Mumbai, Kauveri in Karnataka, Narmada in Gujrat

Media experts say that state environment minister’s brothers have a thriving sand business…..in Navi Mumbai.

But remember…once upon a time….there was a river….who loves us all….

2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time, There Was A River…..

  1. It was insightful. You have a charming of saying things and bringing up to notice.
    And I love river/nature but people like the ministers won’t under such things as simplicity, beauty and real value all they know is plainly making some quick bucks by (wrongly) utilisation of their power.

    • Yes, true…
      Those who are supposed to govern and lead, if are insensitive….and short sighted they can destruct very “powerfully”!! But they are not superior to God…..as they may be considering. Everything that has been taken by force, shall be lost as well!

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