Free Will…

If anybody remembers the movie “Bruce Almighty” There is a scene in it when God explains Bruce the laws of governing the world….

And he says that in spite of all the powers that come with the position of governor of world, he can not overrule anyone’s free will.

It is a simple sentence said and forgotten….

But there is so much in it! Free will…..what exactly is that? Even if our lives are guided by all the universal laws of physics there is some subtle layer of our life that is free of those laws, the way we “feel” is something that remains a mystery. If we try to fathom the way our emotional mind works by using intellectual logic and complex physical and biological principles we will make great discoveries and yet remain clueless about it!

For some people feeling is nothing but a chemical reaction. Some hormone released by brain causes them to feel emotions. But they outright refuse to see why the brain does it. Human brain is not a simple computer-like machine. If exercised properly it has capacities to outwit the known laws of physical sciences.

So many times we have accomplished things in most unimaginable way when we are stuck in very critical situations…..the ways that cannot be explained by logic….

So many times we feel things we never imagined…we suddenly meet someone and feel as if known that person for a long time…we smile at someone standing tired in bus and give place to some old lady…..we hold a small kid by collar to stop it being run over by traffic….so many such incidences we have passed through. Can we explain these moments? And if these emotions cannot be explained by known logic, what must be guiding them?

Many times our mind wants us feel in a certain way, yet our heart drags us the other way….but not for longer can it stay.

Sometimes it is out of peer pressure that we try to enforce some emotion on ourselves. But that too does not last longer.

To abide by laws of physics is also our free choice is it not?!! We so much believe in them and take them for granted that we naturally follow them.

There are people with great command on the will….those who have realised the subtler truths of life and its causes….. They can bend these laws at will… they can make impossible things exist…. But they often choose to stay hidden, so that their powers are not misused by the world.


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