Falling Waters….

I was five or six at that time. In some periodical, I saw an article about architecture. I did not understand the text, but the picture of Falling Waters by FLW was stuck in my mind …. It was a building that made its surrounding look beautiful.

Creek flowing through rocky terrain, and the carelessly elegant house over it….like a handful of slates thrown carelessly by a sensual, aesthetic hand!

Levels rising in rhythm of its own….adding to that of the rocks, which bore the foundation…..

Words come to me now, but for the five year old girl, who had never travelled further than my native place; it was only a miracle that I was speechless about. I never shared it….. I had a childish faith that the building was mine! I owned it by the right of liking it!

But I never thought of being architect until I got admission into the course. In first week at college I was shocked to know that, “my falling waters” was known to all. The one who made it, Frank Lloyd Wright was a master architect!

The sudden burst of memory gave me great courage. I have not even been to the US and seen the “Falling Waters” that claims a big twist in my life! I do not know how many people around the globe might be watching it…and feeling what I had felt as kid…..

by Frank Lloyd Wright
by Frank Lloyd Wright

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