Design Philosophy…

Design Philosophy

This is another fashion of today’s era! Take any stupid dumb thing in the world…add a coat of beautiful, hollow words…. “Concept”, “philosophy” and then sell it as a product. Anything sells with a tag of philosophy. Just go and check out the book racks filled out there in bookstores. Any guy out of some reputed institute sits one day and writes a book with many tasty descriptions of women….add a bit of philosophy of “love” and loyal friendship or some such thing….lots of emotional rollercoaster rides… and this book happens to sit on the best seller rack.

Many “intellectual” flock there to buy and read that book… they “discuss” the book with other such morons in even more incomprehensible train of extra heavy words. The book later becomes a showpiece on their wall-size library shelf….

By then, there is another philosophy for sale in the market!

These days even steel fabricators have a “Philosophy of our work” outside the factory!

I wonder what sort of “intellectuals” writes that meaningless train of words for them.

There is a saying in Sanskrit that means..

Once for a camel’s wedding donkey sang a song. The donkey praised camel’s looks and camel praised his voice!

I often feel like banging my head on the draugthing table when our design professors teach us to develop a concept for our design….. They have very professional corporate methods of “developing concepts”…like that are taught in management books….

Concept is a computer program to be “Developed”?!!

Philosophy is such game of idiots who are actually worth no good and hence come to teach kids?!!

All that their methodical philosophy does is create a jumble of heavy words, to be printed in artistic font on glossy paper…. Words, of which true meaning is never found in the first place to be lost in time! The one who can make the most incoherent and colourful collage out of eloquent words gets the maximum appraisal from professors. Even the design full of flaws can be awarded if applied with a make up of “philosophy”

Just as they make women look like Barbie dolls in fashion industry…..

We make buildings look… “Carbusian” or give it a “post modernist” look. For the convenience of non architectural readers, (thank goodness! They exist.) a building would be called Carbusian when it is designed in a “style” inspired from the great master architect Le Corbusier.

The first time I felt like being slapped with a dirty hand dipped in “philosophy” when I heard those old hags raise their heads in pride and say, “Architecture is mother of all arts!” what the #@$%@#@#!!!

Who “developed” this concept I do not know…. But in four years of my architectural education I often wanted to meet that person, and ask him, why he committed the crime!

There was a time when I was immature (it is relative to my immaturity as of right now!) and I loved to throw the most craziest collage on their faces! The act of sarcasm that I flinged at them as joke, used to be awarded in class! With time…I lost even the thrill of sarcasm…. Now all I feel is a numb nothingness towards that philosophy.

I can see many young minds around me being sedated in those words…. They do not understand it just as their teachers never have! I fear once in a while…. What are we creating by being dragged into this fashion-ful philosophy?! This is a train, with its breaks failed….that straight goes into destruction of intellect!

It teaches you to conceal your flaws in covers of fake philosophy….

It makes a criminal out of you, who is weak at heart and intellect both….

It addicts you to the illusory satisfaction of creation when there is nothing useful you have “created”….

We often have celebrity architect come to our college and deliver lectures about their “design philosophy”. Some of them were genuine and it was pleasure to listen to them talk about the crux of their life…. Not architecture…

But there were most of them, who spoke great speeches with flashy toothy smiles and very cordial, friendly manner…. But their eyes were dry, devoid of true love, they stared moved in sly dirty lines among the abundant girls population in my “women’s college”. How could they speak about philosophy?!

Can an animal in human form speak or feel a human thought? Let alone the great idea of philosophy!

Had they ever done a serious act of “thought”?!!!

Any true concept, whether architectural or otherwise can rise only out of a concentrated peaceful mind, well grounded in faith, armed with discrimination and clarity of perspective. A mind that is in coherence with heart, in constant contact with the creator of all, the God, can think or speak of creating something.

A concept can not be “brainstormed” by a group of “intellectuals” who think they have conquered the world by getting a graduation awarded by the University of other Idiots!

I wished to shout it out aloud in class…. But I could not…. I feared they would make another philosophy of that….

I only escaped out of class silently….

And saw my name in the list of defaulters…..

“Those who do not satisfy the attendance limit and the submission program will be listed out as defaulters, and will be required to bring parents consent for further attendance in class…”

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