Winter Approaching…

Have you ever been out at crisp winter nights…when air is condensed into a solid un-breathable mass pressed against your body from all sides…?

Have you tried to stroll out and smell that jungle fire in distance? They say in old dusty village by the hill that when dry tree trunks brush each other because of that cold wintry wind from west…it causes fire by friction…and the jungle fire spreads through dried out deciduous forest….a shining crown of death over the hill….you can feel its angry heat even from far….

Have you been out in a winter night and felt those prickling thorns of wind excruciate you? They seem like solid needles of ice….but they make your skin feel alive…You can feel your skin breath that air….a feeling that no other season will ever give you….

Have you tried to watch the clear skies then….with a dash of stars thrown over…? And sometimes with that glowing disc of moon hung over there…winter sky is one enchantment always. Moonlight seems congealed with the cold…as if falling like silken drape over your body…

And if you look down to your own body….you see that light condensed into your mould….it feels light, lighter than the body of flesh….you can jump and never come down to earth….fly on as your heart pleases….you are happy…but there is nothing to shout about….that happiness is the only weight you carry….overwhelming your consciousness….shining brilliant sliver in dark night…..


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