Story Of A Droplet…

Once upon a time there was a drop…beautiful and shiny it was. It stayed in a big big ocean…swaying and travelling everywhere it felt as vast as the ocean itself….

But one day it thought alone musing on a sunlit ripple of the ocean…. “I am a drop….I should be small and nice round shaped…glittering and I should be myself!! Being part of this vast sea is so boring….I must go out and explore the world….I must find my place in the world.

But the ocean smiled calmly…little droplet, you don’t have to go…I am as vast as the world you wish to seek….you are safe here and you are as big as world with me!!

But once struck with sense of self…the droplet got angry and swaying with anger he jumped out of its boundless abode. Free at last in good fresh air it jumped and tossed itself in that nice round glittery shape it had dreamt of….how beautiful I look! The drop exclaimed!! Shining in the morning sunlight the drop laughed and jumped more and more…

It flashed its brilliance and looked up at the sun…. the self luminous sun too smiled at his bright face…elderly appreciating the borrowed brilliance of the droplet. And then the sun moved on….for its daily work of parcelling heat down to the earth…..

AS the morning turned into afternoon…heat grew dominant….tickling and playing with the little poor droplet, heat laughed at his minuscule might….. Little droplet started to feel weaker…sadder….. Its shape went on shrinking…..and soon it realises that the proud roundness was gone by noon….it was light and floating and…nobody noticed it!! Everyone said…the little egotist droplet got evaporated!

In its lost state…the droplet soon realised…his abode was way too far now…he went flying and flying up in the sky…..

It felt sad…lonely….and homeless…. Poor droplet had no strength….it floated wherever the rude wind took it…swaying and flying without control the droplet started to regret now…but the way back home was closed now…

Feeling hapless and so minuscule in the vast world the little droplet was so scattered inside…..

And then being rushed by wind it moved….further away and far away from his dear home…higher and higher….with the wind….it met many more egotists alike….some were still adamant on their desire to fly….some were missing home like our little droplet… some were still trying to regain their drop shape… even if it was difficult with that rude wind tossing them unceremoniously…..

The droplet watched the chaos silently….wise it was. And it realised suddenly what the old ocean was trying to tell was right! The world was as vacant as this chaos….and he being a droplet belonged to the ocean….from where the droplet floated he could see….the vastness of the ocean….yes….it was the world….how foolish of me to leave the vastness for just a shiny round shape!! How foolish of me….

And here the wind was such a satanic monster! It hailed the droplets even higher…..into cold and rough weather… the miseries of drop life….he realised everything he needed to know…..

In silent determination he recalled the ocean….it prayed and prayed for the rescue….please ocean father…bring me back home. I was wrong…my ego was an illusion….please spare me of this punishment now….let me come back to you…let me be as vast as you are…let me sway in your glowing infinity……

As the weather worsened the droplet prayed even more fervently… the lashed of lightening and in swipes of cold wind the droplet did not cease to pray…..

Deep below down there…the wise ocean was watching…. Hmm…enough of lesson teaching thought the ocean….you can come back to me, son….but the way home will not be easy…..

And then the ocean summoned its mighty currents….cold and hot they created a harmony of weather….they ruffled the air and ruled the wind….wind flowed meekly following their command….and he delivered the droplets in the lap of mountain…..mighty mountain took all those tired droplets into its soft earth…..

Tears of salvation….its round and glistening drop shape did not matter anymore….rushing in the journey, the droplet jumped to ground…..eager to go home….

It did not care of the dirt and soil…it did not care of the worms and insects dwelling abundant on the ground…. From the laps of mountain he rushed down….finding fellows alike they all sang the songs of their ocean father…..jumping down into waterfalls and singing in springs they all rushed ahead and ahead….

On the way they were watching the world….helping many to cleanse their sins the droplets slowly started to flow peacefully with the river…..their drop-ness was fading…and their vastness was rising……

Gathering many with it….salving many others the droplet flowed silently…..the heat and anger had gone…the pain was gone and it felt bliss of cool vast river basin…..glad pleasure of being useful to others filled its ever expanding heart….

And slowly it knew that the abode was not far anymore…craning over other droplets it sniffed and smelled the air….yes…same salty father ocean smell…. We are home brothers….!! We are home…!!

And there was the immense ocean father with his many many arms coming to welcome…..he took all the droplets in his infinite hug…..welcome home sons….!! There was warm smile implicit in the ocean….and dancing waves to celebrate the reunion….and again the drop felt the same vast sway…..unbroken bliss of being ocean itself!! The drop was not a drop….it was ocean….infinite and untamed….reaching everywhere and owning everything…….story of a Droplet...

You’ve Got A Mail…

There was a movie I saw long long time back…about a small kids bookstore in Manhattan that went to closure because of a big book superstore that opened on the next corner. The name of the movie was… “You’ve got a mail”

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan leading the little love story that is built on the back drop of business tug between their bookstores.

One is “The shop around the corner” and the other is big “Fox Book Superstore”. One is small, congested with books and warm smell of books. And the other is big, spacious, bright, interior designed, discount giver, designer coffee smelling mass of glass walls….

One is run by Kathleen who loves books, kids and….New York and the other one is owned by the “Fox” business family…

With the Book superstore coming up now, the shop around the corner….is closing. The shop around the corner is not just business for Kathleen; it is her string of memory to her expired mother who used to run the shop before.

Everyone knows that with their discounts and designer coffee bar and everything, Foxes are going to rule book-business now. And in spite of all the efforts Kathleen does, she will have to close her bookstore for good.

No wonder she hates Foxes to death….and Joe fox (Tom Hanks) happens to come to her shop with his little brother and “little” aunt! ….For there is no place for kids to “enjoy” books as in the shop around the corner.

During their every meet that follows they fight and bicker with each other. But online they are friends under nicknames. They hate the sight of each other in reality, but on internet they are close friends under nicknames, and wait for mails eagerly.

They share many common interests, like love for New York, coffee flavour, books, daisies, kids and many things. She reads godfather for he likes it. And he reads Bride and prejudice for she loves it. They share business advice and how to deal with people……

Eventually Joe fox finds out that his online friend and his arch enemy are the same woman. He tries to run away but of course he does not. He befriends lost, depressed Kathleen as Joe himself instead of being the unknown New Yorker online. She learns to hate him less. And she also learns that the fox books superstore has a corner for kid’s books…and that is no less pleasure-place than her own lost shop around the corner. Kids enjoy books here just as much they did with her! Her dislike for the superstore wanes off as she watches kids having fun around there.

Slowly her ties with past and lost mother ease away…she can no more hold on to the old rigid pain. Eventually the mystery of secrete online friend is revealed…Her enemy is her friend and her bookstore is not exactly lost!

Once Upon A Time, There Was A River…..

Once upon a time there was a river….beautiful and playful she flowed….giving exalt of life unreservedly to her banks….twisting and turning through fields heavy with crops…she sang the divine music of ripples.

There were forests and villages reflecting in her deep peaceful waters….there were temples and crematories….

People bathed and worshipped gods on her banks….bridges throwing a friendly arm around her and fishermen nicking fish out of her waters….She loved them all.

They crawled in her waters when kids. And in youth they secretly met their lovers under the old tree by her bank….The rituals and celebrations sent reflecting little lamps in her night dark waters….And when old men died…they were cremated in her witness….their wives cried on her banks….where they had shared the prides of their womanhood with the Goddess River…..

Entire civilization of man so delicately woven around the River she yet remained untouched by all…..she flowed ceaselessly through civilizations and forests equally…..

But the times changed and so did the man…..Her forgiving nature was not weakness….but he won’t understand the language of her silence….

He wanted his skyscrapers and his mighty cities….he would take her soft delicate sand for building his dreams….If anyone stopped him, he would wrench it out of her….

One assault after the other…he kept seizing everything he could from mother river…..and his truck-fuls of sand went without a single note of thanks to the one who gave it all….

Slowly her warmth started to wane off…her soft waters vanished away…..bare craters of mining left behind like bruises on her dried lean basin hurt the old villagers eyes….

When it rained she too burst out in pain….flowing and flooding everything that came in her way….she romped through villages and meadows…..her path forgotten in furry she took her love back…..replaced by her anger…..

You can hear her sobs seeping in villages silenced by flood.

And see her pain in cracked farmlands stifled by draught.

Sand worth INR.10 crore has been illegally excavated from single Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state, India. The local River Ghod has died except for the unrestrained floods in monsoon.

Same is the case with Rivers mithi and panvel in Mumbai, Kauveri in Karnataka, Narmada in Gujrat

Media experts say that state environment minister’s brothers have a thriving sand business… Navi Mumbai.

But remember…once upon a time….there was a river….who loves us all….

Falling Waters….

I was five or six at that time. In some periodical, I saw an article about architecture. I did not understand the text, but the picture of Falling Waters by FLW was stuck in my mind …. It was a building that made its surrounding look beautiful.

Creek flowing through rocky terrain, and the carelessly elegant house over it….like a handful of slates thrown carelessly by a sensual, aesthetic hand!

Levels rising in rhythm of its own….adding to that of the rocks, which bore the foundation…..

Words come to me now, but for the five year old girl, who had never travelled further than my native place; it was only a miracle that I was speechless about. I never shared it….. I had a childish faith that the building was mine! I owned it by the right of liking it!

But I never thought of being architect until I got admission into the course. In first week at college I was shocked to know that, “my falling waters” was known to all. The one who made it, Frank Lloyd Wright was a master architect!

The sudden burst of memory gave me great courage. I have not even been to the US and seen the “Falling Waters” that claims a big twist in my life! I do not know how many people around the globe might be watching it…and feeling what I had felt as kid…..

by Frank Lloyd Wright
by Frank Lloyd Wright

Free Will…

If anybody remembers the movie “Bruce Almighty” There is a scene in it when God explains Bruce the laws of governing the world….

And he says that in spite of all the powers that come with the position of governor of world, he can not overrule anyone’s free will.

It is a simple sentence said and forgotten….

But there is so much in it! Free will…..what exactly is that? Even if our lives are guided by all the universal laws of physics there is some subtle layer of our life that is free of those laws, the way we “feel” is something that remains a mystery. If we try to fathom the way our emotional mind works by using intellectual logic and complex physical and biological principles we will make great discoveries and yet remain clueless about it!

For some people feeling is nothing but a chemical reaction. Some hormone released by brain causes them to feel emotions. But they outright refuse to see why the brain does it. Human brain is not a simple computer-like machine. If exercised properly it has capacities to outwit the known laws of physical sciences.

So many times we have accomplished things in most unimaginable way when we are stuck in very critical situations…..the ways that cannot be explained by logic….

So many times we feel things we never imagined…we suddenly meet someone and feel as if known that person for a long time…we smile at someone standing tired in bus and give place to some old lady…..we hold a small kid by collar to stop it being run over by traffic….so many such incidences we have passed through. Can we explain these moments? And if these emotions cannot be explained by known logic, what must be guiding them?

Many times our mind wants us feel in a certain way, yet our heart drags us the other way….but not for longer can it stay.

Sometimes it is out of peer pressure that we try to enforce some emotion on ourselves. But that too does not last longer.

To abide by laws of physics is also our free choice is it not?!! We so much believe in them and take them for granted that we naturally follow them.

There are people with great command on the will….those who have realised the subtler truths of life and its causes….. They can bend these laws at will… they can make impossible things exist…. But they often choose to stay hidden, so that their powers are not misused by the world.


Religion is often misinterpreted as the book of laws set by some old, lost in time men, to be followed blindly or to be thrown out under the name of social revolution and human freedom.

But in reality it is neither. If a person looks upon it as a simple guide to life, to be referred time to time to overcome obstacles of material life hampering his true progress, the religion will seem like a faithful kin like no other, who will be by your side in sickness and health, poverty and wealth…all alike.

Every time there is rise of fear, confusion and all paths seem to be locked, we often tend to take help of a friend, a parent, partner or kin…. But they all are as imperfect as you are. Not everybody is blessed with a true Guru who can lead us out of illusive fishnets of life. In such times of darkness and chaos, our faith and strength is truly tested. Religion is a simple scientific method to pass that test.

But we have grown up to be too intellectual to have faith in anything, let alone the religion. We have so much faith in intellect that we even lose faith in our own selves! And a man without faith is vulnerable to every meagre obstacle in life. Smallest of life’s trials can collapse mighty men just because of their lack of faith.

Religion can work well for you only if you have true faith in it. Passing through rituals like a dry inert stone is no sign of a religious man. So many so called “religious” men are born and die like that every day! If the each act of a ritual is born and carried out with all your heart and mind even a dullest of all can develop contact with god, the immense source of all happiness…. It does not need that “intellectual” level, you know! It does not ask for a graduation certificate!

Religion is a beautiful system that allows you to choose a life path that suits your temperament and then lead you slowly, from where you are to your true, righteous place….into god’s heart.

You can thwart the religion and be stuck in the same muck for lifetimes. It will make no harm to anyone else…. But some day after wasting precious youth and major chunk of active life you realise that everything that you had faith in, has fled away with time…. And now in the dusk of life you are alone… and still so faithless!

If life was about being successful professional and earning money and respect and fame, all celebrities would have been happiest people in the world. All of us, all of us know it very well inside our hearts. But when it is time to act, we sneak looks at our neighbours, take opinions of lots of unimportant, brainless people and exactly act like a jackass!

I am not saying we must renounce the pleasures of life, drop the jobs and give away all the money and sit cross-eyed in a room all the time. But that exactly is the point of any religion! It teaches you not to run after things that do not deserve your precious time and attention. If you stop running after these things they will meekly follow you….

A man greedy of money will never be happy with even a daily shower of money on his head. But the moment he stops caring about money and pay attention to his own true self, money enough to satisfy his true and righteous need, will naturally come to him by the basic principles of the universe.

All pains will be eased….all worries will be wiped off…..all sufferings will end, if only we stop pretending like “know-all” intellectuals. Honestly most of us do not have any clue about why we are born, what we are doing and for what reason we are taking each breath….in spite of all that gifted intelligence! We all sleepwalk through our lives, and fearing in case, our sleep might get disturbed and we might awaken, we take sedatives of philosophy and virtues and social responsibilities and what not!

When there is reliable life giving elixir at our hand we choose a sedative instead?! If followed with “faith” and “clarity” a religion can be an elixir of life. It can resolve all your doubts…. It can awaken you in true sense…. It can make your evolution quick as a supersonic!

These days it is a fashion to say that I am an atheist! I have faith in god but I don’t trust religion. May be there is some superpower….I don’t know!

Even people with peanut size scope of intelligence throw out quotes like that! Who gave them any right to criticize God nobody knows! And simple innocent faithful people are laughed at for their beliefs… One religious community “Faithfully” exploits the other. How to call them religious?! They are the culprits who ensure people run away from religion….

Thanks to my brothers, that at the utterance of Hinduism many others see a flash of violent orange with memories of loss….

Thanks to my other brothers that at the sound of namaz many others wake up with jolt from their sleep and cannot wipe the nightmares of past….

Religion was never made to fight over…..

It is an act of crime to use religion itself as a sedative to mass-mesmerise the people. Those of us, who take pride at their intelligence and dance for social causes, so easily wear thick skin in front of such criminals! We do not want to see them… they make us aware of our weakness!

I am no expert about religion neither about politics……and forget about social responsibilities. But I do not consider myself privileged to correct others and for the welfare of the poor and the deprived or anything of such sort.

Doing such acts without having a clue of our own life is treason against the society!

Religion is one simple way to balance all of these without losing the sight of your true goal. It can give you enough “earthing” and wide vision to evolve yourself along with the welfare of others around you….

There are so many beautiful avenues of life open in front of us….only if we chose to walk on them…

…this is a confession of a dull, thoughtless “sleepwalker” who is no more so….. It is no preaching, no criticism….just a confession. I have no intelligence…I am rather a dull person in terms of all criteria of successful people! And I would rather be myself than being a celebrity and write a book about how to be successful in six months!!

Design Philosophy…

Design Philosophy

This is another fashion of today’s era! Take any stupid dumb thing in the world…add a coat of beautiful, hollow words…. “Concept”, “philosophy” and then sell it as a product. Anything sells with a tag of philosophy. Just go and check out the book racks filled out there in bookstores. Any guy out of some reputed institute sits one day and writes a book with many tasty descriptions of women….add a bit of philosophy of “love” and loyal friendship or some such thing….lots of emotional rollercoaster rides… and this book happens to sit on the best seller rack.

Many “intellectual” flock there to buy and read that book… they “discuss” the book with other such morons in even more incomprehensible train of extra heavy words. The book later becomes a showpiece on their wall-size library shelf….

By then, there is another philosophy for sale in the market!

These days even steel fabricators have a “Philosophy of our work” outside the factory!

I wonder what sort of “intellectuals” writes that meaningless train of words for them.

There is a saying in Sanskrit that means..

Once for a camel’s wedding donkey sang a song. The donkey praised camel’s looks and camel praised his voice!

I often feel like banging my head on the draugthing table when our design professors teach us to develop a concept for our design….. They have very professional corporate methods of “developing concepts”…like that are taught in management books….

Concept is a computer program to be “Developed”?!!

Philosophy is such game of idiots who are actually worth no good and hence come to teach kids?!!

All that their methodical philosophy does is create a jumble of heavy words, to be printed in artistic font on glossy paper…. Words, of which true meaning is never found in the first place to be lost in time! The one who can make the most incoherent and colourful collage out of eloquent words gets the maximum appraisal from professors. Even the design full of flaws can be awarded if applied with a make up of “philosophy”

Just as they make women look like Barbie dolls in fashion industry…..

We make buildings look… “Carbusian” or give it a “post modernist” look. For the convenience of non architectural readers, (thank goodness! They exist.) a building would be called Carbusian when it is designed in a “style” inspired from the great master architect Le Corbusier.

The first time I felt like being slapped with a dirty hand dipped in “philosophy” when I heard those old hags raise their heads in pride and say, “Architecture is mother of all arts!” what the #@$%@#@#!!!

Who “developed” this concept I do not know…. But in four years of my architectural education I often wanted to meet that person, and ask him, why he committed the crime!

There was a time when I was immature (it is relative to my immaturity as of right now!) and I loved to throw the most craziest collage on their faces! The act of sarcasm that I flinged at them as joke, used to be awarded in class! With time…I lost even the thrill of sarcasm…. Now all I feel is a numb nothingness towards that philosophy.

I can see many young minds around me being sedated in those words…. They do not understand it just as their teachers never have! I fear once in a while…. What are we creating by being dragged into this fashion-ful philosophy?! This is a train, with its breaks failed….that straight goes into destruction of intellect!

It teaches you to conceal your flaws in covers of fake philosophy….

It makes a criminal out of you, who is weak at heart and intellect both….

It addicts you to the illusory satisfaction of creation when there is nothing useful you have “created”….

We often have celebrity architect come to our college and deliver lectures about their “design philosophy”. Some of them were genuine and it was pleasure to listen to them talk about the crux of their life…. Not architecture…

But there were most of them, who spoke great speeches with flashy toothy smiles and very cordial, friendly manner…. But their eyes were dry, devoid of true love, they stared moved in sly dirty lines among the abundant girls population in my “women’s college”. How could they speak about philosophy?!

Can an animal in human form speak or feel a human thought? Let alone the great idea of philosophy!

Had they ever done a serious act of “thought”?!!!

Any true concept, whether architectural or otherwise can rise only out of a concentrated peaceful mind, well grounded in faith, armed with discrimination and clarity of perspective. A mind that is in coherence with heart, in constant contact with the creator of all, the God, can think or speak of creating something.

A concept can not be “brainstormed” by a group of “intellectuals” who think they have conquered the world by getting a graduation awarded by the University of other Idiots!

I wished to shout it out aloud in class…. But I could not…. I feared they would make another philosophy of that….

I only escaped out of class silently….

And saw my name in the list of defaulters…..

“Those who do not satisfy the attendance limit and the submission program will be listed out as defaulters, and will be required to bring parents consent for further attendance in class…”